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Thread: seeing members of the board in real life

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    seeing members of the board in real life

    so i went for a bite in chinatown late afternoon today for some soup. there were two guys sitting at a nearby table. i couldn't help but overhearing their conversation as they were talking out quite loudly. it went from escorts in montreal to... escorts in montreal! Then I started hearing some handles used on this board and heard them talking about stephanie from (yes, they were talking about the website). I wish they were talk just a little louder because I had a hard time hearing full conversations! Then a hot chick joined them at the restaurant, and they didn't stop on that topic. They then taked about how people would want to spend more or less on girls. The girl talked about how she would never want to give bjs in the car. She seemed to have a really nice friendly open personality also. Well they did talk about other things like disney land.

    OK, who are you guys, and what's the name of the girl!? Spill it or PM me!

    What an interesting lunch!!

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    We been having meetings in the NY area for years, that is guys from the NY boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    I think you should have introduced yourself... what did the guys look like?
    the guys were big. one of them had really short blonde hair (gel). the other had brown hair. they were both speaking english, with no hint of french accent. didnt sound american either, so they could be from toronto. they talked about going to mcgill or someone they knew were.

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