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Thread: Lack of Montreal SP on Twitter?

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    Lack of Montreal SP on Twitter?

    Hello, I have noticed that quite a few Toronto SP are on Twitter and post updates and pics often. There don't seem to be many of the Montreal SP that are on Twitter, any special reason why? I have found a few of them on Facebook but I find Twitter more efficient for quick updates.

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    Most of them are indies. I know Charlotte Sinclair has one. Not I can find many Montreal SPs myself yet the Toronto ones you find on many occasions. Kylie Daniels and Veronica Sway come to mind.

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    It is true that there are many more TO SPs are on Twitter. However, here is a partial list of Montreal SPs on Twitter:

    - SPs:
    • Roxanne Courtisane
    • Genevieve Marceau
    • Catherine Dumont ‏
    • Karoline Montreal
    • Luxury Nicki ‏
    • Madelyn Fabray
    • Gabriella Laurence
    • Lily-Anne St-Clair
    • Isabelle Wolf
    • Charlotte Sinclair
    • Desires

    - Agencies:
    • Our Affair
    • MontrealSexCity
    • Marilyn Girlfriends
    • Gold Escorts
    • MontrealPussyCats
    • Confidential escorts
    • Satanic Escorts

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    I really have no idea why any woman working as a hooker would be on twitter or facebook ??

    Mind boggling. What happened to discretion?

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    Look behind you.
    Advertising beats discretion.

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    I'm taking the occasion of this thread to ask a question related to Twitter, if you permit me.

    I don't know how Twitter is working, so I am having a question about it, if someone could be enough kind to answer to me

    Is your followers could see all each others? (like all your friends could see themselves on facebook, if they are friends) or we can set up a good level of discretion that noboby could see each others?

    I think this is very delicate if the people are making their account with their real names... and open a door to eventual problems if ever someone with bad intentions happens to follow an escort if the twitter account is set "public". | [email protected] | Twitter : @passiamore

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    Alors, les abonnés peuvent tous se voir entre eux s'ils sont curieux de le faire? Ils ont tous accès à cela?

    Inutile de dire que les abonnés, s'ils recherchent la discrétion, se doivent alors d'avoir un compte Twitter sous un pseudo alors

    Merci Sidney pour la réponse, c'est gentil à toi. | [email protected] | Twitter : @passiamore

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