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Thread: A missed opportunity or just the right thing to do

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    A missed opportunity or just the right thing to do

    While coming out of the metro this evening a lovely girl caught my attention while she was coming in. After a quick glimpse I noticed that I know her very well as she was a working girl that I have a good relationship with but have not seen in a long time. I had a split decision to make, whether to walk towards her or keep on my path out. In the end, I kept my path out as I did not want to disturb her.

    I am wondering if I should have made the attempt to say hi to her because we do have a good relationship or she does a good job of make believing we do.
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    For your answer, please review the 20 page thread on this from last month.

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    I've been in a similar situation. About a year ago, I was walking down the main when a girl I know well came walking in my direction. The street was quiet and it was very obvious that she was alone. So I said hello, we chatted for a few minutes and then went our separate ways. Had there been any chance that she was not alone, I'd simply have walked on by.

    There are, in my mind, no hard and fast rules here beyond: be very discreet.
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    I would give her her space and privacy, maybe a nod of the head to acknowledge her but that would be it. What opportunity did you miss?

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    Lily from Montreal
    I think I changed my mind on that one, is it allowed? or I'll get lapidated?...
    I used to be on the position that it is a no-no ,if I was to meet someone I know in the biblical sense on the street I would ignore him and asks for the same.
    Now I am more of the ''it depends'' theory...IF I am alone, IF you make eye contact and I was about to say I smile but no, I do tends to smile at everybody...let's say I would leave the first move to me? I suggest you make eye contact and if you are alone and me too I'll not mind to strike a conversation ...

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    As a general rule of thumb business stays at the business place, after that it's common sense and politeness.
    If we meet our dentist on the street we won't jump up and down and say "hey, hi, great job at pulling my tooth last week". Same for SP's we won't say (or shouldn't say) "hey, hi, great blowjob last week".

    Remember "in the old days" gentlemen would simply tip their hats and wish the person (male, female, blue collar, doctor, butcher SP etc.) a good day. "Bonjour Madame/Monsieur, belle journée aujourd'hui" and continue their way. Where did we lose this? Why such a difference with certain people? …

    Maybe I'm just feeling pissy today but where is the problem with sharing a smile, no matter who it is. As I say in the beginning "common sense and politeness". To make things a little more clear …

    - Absolutely never, never mention the SP's name in your greeting (most of us know what KISS means, apply it)
    - Follow the lead. Hey, SP's are normal everyday people like you and I and will respond to the "Bonjour Madame, belle journée aujourd'hui" like anyone else on the street either by acknowledging the greeting or simply by ignoring it … simple right.

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    Post in MISSED CONNECTIONS on Craiglist maybe she will see it and reply?
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    You can smile.

    But she has to make the first move.

    If you do, your an idiot.

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    9/10 times SPs and masseuses prefer to have privacy in public.

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