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Thread: What ever happened to Club Grand Prix?

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    What ever happened to Club Grand Prix?

    Hi everybody, new poster here, registered a while ago and visiting this board from time to time

    I used to be a student in Mtl a few years ago and i've got great memories of trips me and my college buddies would make to Club Grand Prix in St Jean sur Richelieu
    As i plan to come back to Mtl for the first time since graduating, i wonder if that place is still open and running

    Also are strip clubs Teasers or Wanda's still in effect?

    And a last question, i used to book SP through an agency who had ads in those free newspapers like Voir, etc... I can't remember the name of the agency, but i rememeber the name of the guy running it, his name was Walter, tall dude with a bald head, is he still in the business?

    Sorry for all my questionning but i have nothing but sweet memories of Mtl and i am eager to visit again

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    Believe Grand-Prix and Teasers are closed for good, but Wanda's still open.
    Hope it helps, cheers.

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