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Thread: SP's eyes wide open / eyes wide shut

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    SP's eyes wide open / eyes wide shut

    I personally find that when an SP shuts her eyes she truely wants to get off.

    I hate seeing her eyes open and wandering around waiting for you to finish.
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    Huh? I like eye contact... especially during the BJ... thats so sexy... But even when grinding me Cowgirl, there is nothing more arousing than seeing her look you in the eye closely. I know from certain SPs that BJ with eyes open can shy them a little bit, so i understand if she prefer to keep them close most of it, but i do like a couple min with eyes open, her looking me in the eyes, like her eyes saying "yeah its your dick im sucking right now, naughty boy" Dunno it really give me a good time.

    Then for sex, can be a mix of the 2 really... but i like eye contact... really
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    Eyes wide shut means she is trying to pretend you are not there....

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