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Thread: Anyone know of Wet T-Shirt Contests around?

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    Anyone know of Wet T-Shirt Contests around?

    Hey there,

    My girlfriend and I are coming to town and need some advice. Anyone know of any bars (regular) that have beach parties.. or wet t-shirt contests of some sort? We've been talking about going to swing clubs to watch, strip clubs but now she's getting cold feet. I'll like to start her off slowly.

    Any advice on something downtown or on the west island?


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    I heard there's some at millenium night club sometime.... its on Viau close metropolitain highway...


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    take a look at the pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XMAN

    take a look at the pics.
    I did and Melissa, Tania and Maryse look really hot..

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    wet t-shirt

    yah i know that unison bar dose wet t-shirt every tuesday or wednesday night admission is 5$ and its starts around 10ish its on blvd. cote vu tu in vill st.laurent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newbie69
    Yes I know one. Unison bar does wet t-shirt every Wednesday nights. Admission is 5$ and its starts around 10. It's on blvd. Cote Vertu in ville St-Laurent.
    Website links, although the information are conflicting:
    Unison Pool
    Unison Billiard & Bar
    Unison bar official site

    There is a misconception about swing clubs that one are obliged to participate or get involved. As a matter of fact, about 50% don't do anything and are only enjoying the show. Believe me, it's for your eyes pleasure and she will too. There are also strict rules of 'leave me alone' in those dance clubs that is very different in "oh-let-me-rub-my-dick-against-you... babe!". I will gladly reassure her of how it happens in those places, the Celeste and l'Eclipse. These places are alot safer and respectful than the clustrophobic people conference.
    Enjoy your time there and the wet t-shirt show.
    Make her laugh, make her smile, and do make her moan

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilko26
    I heard there's some at millenium night club sometime.... its on Viau close metropolitain highway...

    Millenium hasn't done a wet t-shirt contest in a long time. I don't they will do any in the near future neither.........

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    any other places with t-shirt contests?

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    Is unison still having them?
    Does anyone know of any other places that might have them?
    I remember peel pub use to have it back in the day and i think club laboom last year.

    Can anyone tell me if there are any in the works for the upcoming summer?

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    I don't think their is one place that have them on a weekly basis. Le Skratch, Dome and Club Living have done them in the past and I think they may do them again.

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    There was also a wet t-shirt contest two weeks a ago at pink night club in Laval

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