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Thread: LDL / MDH / HDH services and agencies (split thread)

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    LDL / MDH / HDH services and agencies (split thread)

    *** Since this discussion has evolved from being DC related to more like a debate about LDL / MDH / HDH services and agencies, I don`t think it belong to the original "Dangerous Curves-Bait & Switch" thread anymore. Hence I split the thread. M2 ***

    CS, I`ve been following your story with some interest, b/c I`m finding out quickly even after just a few days here in Montreal that you`re right, *very* few agencies are reliable. I had a very good encounter with Clara`s Secrets, but so far she seems to be the exception that proves the rule.

    I`ve been researching the $200-300 / hour range, and discovering to my chagrin that even at this price level, many MTL service operators just aren`t serious professionals. In a major US city, these guys would be out of business fast.

    To the extent that the market in Montreal tolerates disrespectful behavior from sellers, it`s a sign of dysfunctional psychology among buyers, or possibly some other nonconstructive situation that needs to be corrected. CS, your handling of the situation, and your analysis of all the various players, from the SPs to the other posters in this thread, speaks for itself in a highly positive way.

    To the critics who have gone on record in this thread denouncing CS for behaving in a completely normal way, I suggest you step back and check your thinking. This "cyber knight" syndrome seems to be pretty common on MERB, and it doesn`t do anyone any good in the long run.

    Actions need to have consequences. Be brave, everyone, and try to learn from good examples. CS is setting a good example.

    "In Balance"
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    Deja Vu all over again!

    Welcome to the long list of mongers who expected nothing more than above average encounter and got nothing in the end.
    It's infuriating for a few days, but You'll get over it.

    Smack Appeal,
    You are incorrect in your assessment about the so-called freebies. MERB has long been a vehicle for DC (and others) to offer compensation for goods undelivered (including to yours truly, but declined).

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    Question "Spin?"

    Hello CS,

    Do you think your comparison of what happened to you with DC versus Rebeka Andersson is fair? I was not party to your conversation with her and don't want to assume anything about it. That being said, if she actually called you an hour ahead of time to tell you she could not make the appointment and would like to rebook you with another girl then IMO she has done right by you versus lying and deceiving you and then making you wait hours into the night, putting you through a bait and switch etc...the two experiences are just not the same thing and "spin" has no bearing on that fact.

    I had a very frustrating experience with DC one night about a year ago which I wrote about on this board, I have to double check but I think you may have posted on the thread. Kevin offered to make it right by giving me a makeup session with the two girls. I never took him up on it since I only travel to Montreal a few times a year and wanted to try some new faces. I understand the frustration you went through and remember thinking about trying a HDH in hopes of eliminating such problems. One of those new faces was Rebeka Andersson. I don't want to sound like a shill for her but lets just say I was very impressed with the difference in the whole experience.

    I booked a couple of weeks ahead of time(next to impossible with other agencies I have attempted to do the same with) and confirmed via her private number when I arrived in town. She sent me e-mails beforehand and called me early on the day of our appt. to confirm again. She showed up about 15 minutes late which in my experience(LOL) is damn good timing! We had an incredible time and I will definitely repeat w/her. I felt her fee of 550CAD was well worth it since she was a total professional from the pre-booking to the kiss goodbye.

    I don't want to sound adversarial with this because I really am just interested in why you seem to have such a negative sounding view of FKS and its clients? You mentioned that they have us trained and that we are afraid they will cut us off. I do not feel that way at all. I am happy to have the pleasure of being their client.

    I feel like it is a different kind of agency for sure. One that I can rely on to send me a gorgeous lady who offers excellent liberal services whenever I want her, and if any problem arises will at least let me know the truth and attempt to keep me happy with another excellent product so as not to waste my limited time in Montreal. I would think that we could agree on that much since we both understand time constraints and how an oppurtunity lost sometimes can not be made up.

    I'm not trying to 'spin' anything here. Just trying as you said, to share my experience with others so the average joe can avoid BS and have a good time. I'm sure DC can on occasion make their clients very happy as well but as we have seen, and Kevin keeps apologizing for, they have a lot of problems which have a high recurrence rate.

    I see the HDH as a solution for people like us. I have heard arguments from both sides on this but I believe from my experience that, generally speaking, HDH's have a better all around product for sale. They are better looking, give excellent service, and are more professional than most non HDH SP's with notable exceptions of course. To me they are worth the extra $$$$ because I know I will not have to worry about BS and I am guaranteed to get what I want, when I want it, and how I want it!

    I would compare the HDH vs. regular SP argument to picking a basketball player to take the final shot of the game for your team. If you could have Larry Bird or Michael Jordan (even though they take up a lot of cap space on your payroll) would you opt for anyone less proven? Not if your into winning you wouldn't. Anyways, I don't think theres any "spin" in this post, hope you agree.

    Looking forward to your response, Abe
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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    I would compare the HDH vs. regular SP argument to picking a basketball player to take the final shot of the game for your team. If you could have Larry Bird or Michael Jordan (even though they take up a lot of cap space on your payroll) would you opt for anyone less proven? Not if your into winning you wouldn't.
    Forget Bird or Jordan, i'll take Robert 'Big Shot Rob' Horry.He Doesn't take up much cap space, and has hit more buzzer-beater, playoff game-clinching shots than the two other gentlemen noted above combined (this is in no way a knock on the Birdman or His Airness, just stating facts). What i'm trying to say here, is if you do your research and know enough about the game, you can get the same (if not better) bang for your buck (no pun intended) in the 160-180$ range as you would with HDH.


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    Exclamation Horry is no Jordan or Bird.

    Hi Juice,

    Glad to see another basketball fan on the board. I have to disagree in principle about that particular comparison though. Horry has hit a number of game winning shots but I seriously doubt that he hit more than Jordan or Bird not to mention that overall he can't even be mentioned in the same breath as those two players. He is a good player but not a legend, and that is my point as to the HDH vs. LDL argument.

    Again, with notable exceptions, HDH girls are USUALLY HDH because they are the best available and can command those prices just as Jordan was the highest paid player in the league because he was the best player in the league as was Bird before him. I think you can make the same comparison across a wide spectrum of "products" and find the same to be true in most cases. Example: A Honda is a fine automobile and much cheaper than a Ferrari, but it is not in the class of a Ferrari and you will not find people who can afford Ferraris' driving Hondas'. GENERALLY SPEAKING, the higher the price the better the product. If you want the best you have to pay what the market dictates the best is worth.

    I'm not saying mind you that one should shop for anything with price as your sole guide, rather I am just suggesting that there is usually a good reason why some things are more expensive than others. Whats more important to keep in mind is that if a product isn't the best or at least one of the best of its kind, consumers will put the word out and that product will suffer. This will make the manufacturer take notice and do what is necessary to reachieve the lofty status necesssary to be considered in the top of their field. If they don't get their house in order they will no longer attract the wealthy clientele they need to buy their product.

    Hasta la Vista

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    I can understand your point of view on your DC / FKS affair . All I think is lots of girlz who collect 200-250 $ /h ( means more than 100 K NET/ year working 10 h / week ) behave like princesses .
    This is a lot, lot a money for some one who has almost no responsibilities.
    No pressure , no obligations….
    I don’t think they REALLY care about one individual because DEMAND is greater than OFFER ( market law).

    We can disagree but we have to live with it …like cold winters, std, income tax ect…


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    Quote Originally Posted by CS Martin
    Thank you M2. You're making a believer out of me.
    I am lost on this one

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    I stand humbled.

    Hi CS,

    Based on your particular experiences and those of a few others I can not disagree with your logic. Thanks for the high mark on my "skills", Lincoln is a role model I particularly like. I guess sometimes its difficult to get people to believe that you are just trying to be objective, especially on this board with all the shilling conspiracy theories, true and false, that always seem to be flying around. My experience was different than yours so its like comparing apples and oranges. That must make me look like I'm "defending" Rebeka in a way. It wasn't my intent however to do that. I really just wanted to compare some differences in the extent of the deception you experienced. I think there are profound differences but we can agree to disagree.

    I think even Michael Schumachers' Ferrari breaks down from time to time and costs him a race or two but for the most part its the most advanced race car in the world. The Hondas never can seem to perform up to that level. Sorry for the F1 plug. All I'm getting at is that Rebeka is like a Ferrari and most other SP's are like Hondas'. You get what you pay for. I think most reviews on Rebeka will bear that out.

    That being said allow me to completely agree with you that it was irresponsible and unprofessional of her to cancel an appt. an hour before because she didn't "get her homework done." You are absolutely right, she had two weeks too prepare so that is not an acceptable excuse. FKS is not perfect. I don't believe I suggested that they were but if thats what you took from my analogy then please accept my apology. I did not mean to question the validity of your reason to be upset with her, perhaps I should have said that in my first post. If FKS wants to cut me off over this then let them, I will speak my mind without fear of any such blacklisting as you suggested they participate in.

    Respectfully, Abe

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    Sadly, the kinds of issues discussed in this thread have become commonplace with certain agencies. I have generally encountered more problems such as those encountered and discussed in this thread by CS Martin in the last year than when I first started hobbying in Montreal.

    As a result, I have developed much more detailed backup plans than in the past. I also find I am becoming less reliant on advance bookings than in the past. I must admit that there is a certain thrill I get from the spontaneity and pressure of scrambling for a date, that others probably do not share. In this regard, I am probably a little more open minded than some other guys who are hobbying on the HDH level. CS Martin brought up the "red ferrari" vs. "yellow ferrari" analogy with FKS. I had the same thing happen to me, but had a different reaction to it. When Laila cancelled on me a day before the scheduled date, I was certainly disappointed, but Giselle did offer Michelle or Rebeka as potential replacements the same day as the appointment I had scheduled with Laila. The truth is, I also wanted to meet both Michelle and Rebeka, so my disappointment was eased somewhat. It actually ended up being a very difficult decision for me, because Rebeka was my first choice, but the time slot at which Rebeka was available would have required me to leave Celine's dinner party slightly early. Although I went back and forth on the Rebeka v. Michelle decision for nearly a half an hour, (and it was pure torture! LOL), I concluded that it would have been rude to leave Celine party's early and I also would have had a big meal in my belly, which is never a good idea before a date. Thus I ended up choosing an afternoon meeting with Michelle, and I certainly can't say I was disappointed. So maybe I have become a little bit more open minded about these things, or maybe it's that I am an easier guy to please than most. Or it could be that I like the thrill of having to pull the trigger on these kinds of decisions. I'll leave this analysis for the hobby psychologists on the Board, like Femaleluver.

    I do understand the basic point of CS Martin that most hobbyists, especially those operating at the MDH and HDH levels, should not be so accepting of these kinds of practices where bookings are often made weeks in advance and other plans are made in reliance upon them. But the bottom line is that when you have a market like Montreal with so many choices, the highly reliable agencies like Celine's Fantasies end up scoring victories when these kinds of things happen. Because those who demand reliability are going to use the agencies that have a consistent rep for being reliable. And the only way we all know where each agency falls on the reliability scale is to start threads like this one, and report on the service in a fair and objective manner providing all the facts so the reader can draw his own conclusions and decide what chances he wants to take.

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