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Thread: Online sites for discreet encounters - any experience?

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    Online sites for discreet encounters - any experience?


    Did a search and found a few threads which were over 3 years old.

    Has anyone had experience or luck using the plethora of online sites which connect people who want discreet, NSA encounters?

    I know of Ashley Madison, Plentyoffish, Lavalife, etc...

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    let's be realistic, anything even remotely related to that has 1000 guys for every girl because if a girl wants to get laid, she doesn't need to go online. I'm not saying it's impossible but it's not easy due to how massively skewed the numbers are. Good luck.

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    Back in the day, MIRC was the place to go chat and get laid...gone are those days.

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    One of my friend works for a such a company. The adult dating sites are a scam. They are full of fake profiles and their only way to earn revenue is to lure horny males in who typically pay for the first month and then leave the site out of frustration because none of the ladies ever reply. These sites have a high attrition rate of paying customers. Their business is going down because even desperate guys are beginning to realize that it's a scam. In fact, adult friend finder recently filed for bankruptcy .

    The normal dating sites seem to have worked for some people. Again, they are many crazy women on these sites - as in emotionally unbalanced - borderline personality disorder cases. But if you have good pics - fun, quirky pics that show that you are a cool guy and you are good at flirting - you can get a date out of these sites with relatively normal girls. I know it's a platitude - but try to be unique in your profile and your conversations. These sites are filled with so many boring guys that just being slightly unique in a fun way is more than enough. I have had the best luck of getting responses when I said random things in my profile and sent random, fun messages.

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    The better choise for you is an sp,don't any where else.

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    a website that works... badoo

    it worked a few time for me but its lots of work :P

    just go with sp, less trouble hehe

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    Actually, most of the sites that are not sex-based are quite legit. OKCupid, Match, POF. If you're looking for a quick schtup, you won't likely find it there. If you want a life partner, it's quite possible. My daughter met her husband through OKCupid. I have friends who met their spouses on Match.

    Seekingarrangement is also quite legit, though meeting someone there will cost you. Many of the women there are looking for long term sugar daddies, though there are quite a few escorts working there as well.
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    Lily from Montreal
    Maybe a bit more french there is Reseaucontact, a friend met his (second) wife there and they are really happy...

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    Be careful, there are a lot of scam artist that are out to take a lonely guy for all he has.

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    I wonder if this is a place for ladies to offer low key SP services?

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    old thread but i'll share my 2 cents. Spent sometime on Ashley Madison. It is really really hard to meet women I find. They receive thousands of messages and they get to choose. There are lots of fake profiles to eat your coins too. It's partially a scam but I met someone a few weeks ago so I shouldn't say it's completely a scam. Men just have to work hard to find a playmate! Most of us prefer to pay and don't have to deal with it, I guess.

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    Have you tried JALF?
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    J'ai essayé ce genre de sites, et j'ai eu autant de succès que sur les sites de rencontres traditionnels: aucun. Alors, j'ai laissé tombé.

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    I haven't MB, shall I?

    It's a lot of work and at this point I don't want to play the 'please pick me' game. Although, meeting with this lady made me think if I should keep doing it.

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    There is a huge difference between American and Canadian-European sexuality/dating/social values and openness. USA sites are for suckers. More than half of the USA white male population is sexually frustrated with their current female partners because the American female is currently very very prude, selfish, money hungry, anti-social biatch who could not care less if a guy is horny and nice (within reason).

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