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Thread: problems scrolling through forum pages

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    problems scrolling through forum pages

    it's as the title states. everytime I click on a page number 2 or higher, I get taken back to page 1.
    example: I go to outcall reviews. i'm on page 1 and want to go to page 2. I click page 2 and end up back on page 1.

    anybody else having this problem?

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    The only problem i have is trying to access Les Amazones you, i cant leave page #1. It is a glitch being worked on since the system was updated last week from what i have read elsewhere.

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    Interim fixes:
    Option 1, use any browser that is not Internet Explorer or Firefox
    Option 2, (if you choose to stay with IE or FF) once you click on a page link, the link the address bar with end with the page number, if you change the page number in there it will take you to the right page.

    Hope this helps.
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