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    Message From Lola

    Hello Gentlemen,
    As most of you may have realize, my pictures are not on the FC website anymore. I am making this post to update you on the changes that will occur on our group in a near future.
    First, let me explain my situation. I was not able to concentrate as much and be as productive in my work in the last months. Last Friday, I had a bad experience in a date. I am OK, but at that point I freaked out, left everything aside and went away for a while. I then realized that not only I was traumatized from the bad date, but I was also going through a rough burn out. I came to decide that the best for me was to retire. I will not run FC anymore, nor that I will see clients.
    After meeting with my assistant Ray, we came to the conclusion that I will pass over my responsibilities to him. Please understand that the agency was not sold. I have no interest in making any money out of this, I simply intended to provide the ladies (who are also my friends) with the best person to take care of them. Ray will also be helped by Serina who will book Montreal, and by Megan who will run the websites, and be the primary contact for the ladies (taking care of pictures, schedules, etc). I believe this team will be way more efficient.
    Also, the traveling website will, after Friday July 22nd, have a V.I.P. section for all our regular clients, with a board and an automatic booking system. This will solve the problem of emails not received or answered, and also will be more simple for you to have up to date reviews of the ladies in a private community. In Montreal, Serina will answered emails several times a date, as for the emergency phone number (witch will be change and have business hours, so you do not get a voice mail all the time). The websites addresses will eventually be changed so our emails are not blocked junk mail filters anymore, witch was a big problem.
    Let me thank you for your support and kindness through the years. I believe my departure is for the better. I think 3 efficient and willing people are more reliable than 1 depressed girl.
    I hope life will treat you well!
    If you have question, please contact the FC management.
    All my love and best wishes,
    Lola xxx

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    A Farewell To Arms, My Sweet Lola Aka Lolita!!!

    So sorry about your bad experience. Wish you all the best in the future to come. Do all good things have to come to an end? How about retire to the Pacific paradise and be Dr. Louis lover? Eiste ena apo ena eidos Lola (The one and only one Lola)!!!
    The exiled Philosopher King of the Pan Hellenistic Empire.
    Ο εξορισμένος βασιλιάς φιλοσόφων της παν αυτοκρατορίας Ελληνικη.

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    bon repos

    Lolita ,

    Reposes toi bien et je suis certain que Ray va bien ''superviser'' le tout .

    Bonne chanse dans tes nouveaux projets


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    Good luck Lolita !!
    Bière Froide, Cold Beer! Tricolore jusqu'au bout!
    Les Canadiens sont là!

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    Good Luck

    Best wishes to you. I always found you professional in our dealings.

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    "I think 3 efficient and willing people are more reliable than 1 depressed girl."

    It is a tough tough world out there, never give up hope and keep fighting because you will eventually win, good luck.

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    It's true that all good things must come to an end someday. Lolita will be greatly missed by many of us here. I wish her the very best of luck in whatever her future holds in store for her. Good Luck, my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Culeon
    Now only Serina and Cathy remains.
    Not even...cathy told me she's not working for them anymore.

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