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Thread: Alias agency pricing conflicts

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    Do you ever ask yourself why you keep seeing all the repeated posts on this board about SP's/agencies who have a chronic lateness problem or blow off clients altogether repeatedly? Heres some food for thought. How many agencies have we heard about that have an alias or "sister" agency. In other words, they are one in the same.

    I personally have been told by two SP's that they worked for two agencies that are one in the same. At first I only thought it was for the added exposure so they would get more calls. A dual agency puts up different pictures of the same girls on different sites and maybe you like one set of pictures more than the other but you get the same girl regardless of which site you choose to call.

    So whats the big deal? Its not illegal is it? But more importantly we should ask what problems arise out of this practice? Well the evidence shows that a lot of us are getting stood up or having to wait all night and make dozens of phone calls while becoming more and more frustrated to the point where you give up and call it a wasted night or at best you have an encounter which leaves you less than happy because of the hassle you experienced.

    Thats just the result of the policy of the agency though. WHY do they make us wait and lie to us or ignore us altogether is what we really want to know. The answer may lie in the pricing differences between the two agencies. For whatever reason some dual agencies have seen fit to charge different amounts for the same girls depending on which alias you happen to call.

    Although there is no deception as far as how much each website says the girls charge per hour it is a bad business practice because it creates a conflict for the agency in choosing which clients to service first. In other words, who will the agency service first if two people call at the same time and ask for the same girl but one calls the alias where the girl gets 300CAD per hour and the other calls the alias where the girl gets 180CAD per hour?

    Its a no brainer, the more expensive of the two gets served first. Its a classic example of "money talks." You can't blame the SP's for wanting to make as much money as possible, it's a business and as so many of us keep pointing out to each other until we have heard it for the thousandth time, "this business is all about the money." Heres a thought, so is every other business, but some hold themselves to ethical standards that others don't give a rats ass about.

    Now that we grasp the foreign concept that businesses are in business to make money lets get to the burning question about that fact. What ethics should apply to an agencies booking policies? Take the above example again and ask yourself this, if you call the cheaper alias and the agency tells you the SP will be there in half an hour but 5 minutes before she is supposed to knock on your door they receive a phone call for the same girl under the more expensive alias is it ethical for them to reroute her to the other call?

    Is it ok to let you sit and stew for two or three hours and lie to you when you ask about her wherabouts or even worse to completely ignore your phone calls. Is it ok to do the same thing to you twice in one night? From some posts we can see evidence pointing to this as a definite possibility. How mad would you be if you found out you had been outbid by someone at the last second and it cost you a night of fun that you could have had with another agency/SP that doesn't engage in this practice? Wouldn't you prefer they were honest with you and offered you someone else or at least allow you to move on to another agency rather than try to use you as a time filler between higher paying calls?

    Finally we might ask what can we do about it. Imagine if we exposed these aliases, the way we seem so eager to do about multiple handles on this board, and refused to call them. Thats probably asking a lot for some people who either don't care or realize this already and just automatically call the more expensive alias figuring they are more likely to get served what they want when they want it. It will sadly leave many of you bargain hunters writing the same old reviews about how you got screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    So whats the big deal? Its not illegal is it?
    I just cannot help but telling you this....
    Incalls, outcalls, they are all illegal.. except for independent SPs.

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    I was surfing the sites last night and went to a website that i hadn't been to in quite a while. An agency called 'Exxclusive', supposedly run by the same person who runs Platinum and DC. I wanted to see if there was new talent on the site, new pics, etc. I was surprised to see that all of the girls on the site are all DC girls. Well, not so surprised. However, different pricing scheme once again and the girls have different names. I guess they figure clients really do think with only one head (the lower one) and are all pretty stupid!

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    I used to work for a company doing exacty the same. Same building, same receptionnist, same phone, same products but called differently, 2 names and 2 different phone number.
    If you looked in the phone book, the most expensive was the first listed, with 1/2 page ad. (let's say "ABC stuff ") then the least expensive was seen (let's say DEF bargains) with a 1/8 page ad.

    If you're in a hurry and browse the yellow pages, the first-bigger ad will get you and you won't go further. If you look for best price, you'll get to the smaller one later. One way or another, the owner was winning. Interestingly, most customers buying from the "expensive" line were companies.

    It was funny to see the receptionnist picking-up a call on the "expensive" line, give some info, wait 2-3 minutes and pick-up a call on the "cheap" line, give the same info and close the deal. Some customers were even badmouthing the "other" company!

    For the 2 years I was there, only 3-4 peoples ever noticed the same receptionnist was talking to them for both companies.

    The guy's way was not very nice but was legal. He was even gaining some financial leverage working that way because he kept a third separate corporate identity. All "common" services (inventory, clerical staff, payroll, billing, shipping...) were purchased from a third company he owned!

    When you know the ropes of business, I guess some think the ethical part can be bent...

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    Question Outcall illegal?

    Orallover are you sure Outcall is illegal? My understanding is that outcall is not illegal, whereas incall equates to "running a bawdy house" which is illegal. Understood that "living off the avails of prostitution" is also illegal, I would assume that only the pimp is committing a crime.

    My question as to whether or not it would be legal to advertise the same product in 2 different places for different prices was as to whether or not there is a consumer protection law which prohibits this type of business practice. I tend to think that there would be no law against it because the different sites each advertise 1 product for 1 price(buyer beware). If you "do your research" as is continually pointed out to us, you can find the same product for less on a different site.

    However the point of the discussion is that if you "do your research" and find a better deal, in some instances you are putting yourself into a high risk category when it comes to the quality and timeliness of the service you want to receive depending on who you happen to call. So its arguably an exercise in futility to try and get a cheap escort to arrive on time and perform a good service when you are dealing with certain agencies.

    Heres a question: From the outset of calling an LDL SP does it run through anyones mind that there is a good chance you are going to get punked?
    In addition what might you do if you have experienced this problem over and over again or the agency you are calling has a reputation for this kind of practice? Would it be ethical for us to call 3 LDL's and take whichever one arrives first, telling the other two "tough luck" when they knock on your door.

    This would be somewhat similar to what some agencies are doing to us, in reverse. I doubt many bargain hunters would do this though because the agency would take note and not respond to your calls in the future. If they have enough self respect to cut us off why don't we cut them off? Because there is always someone willing to deal with this bullshit, I call it "Low expectations" disease. Maybe a fitting abbreviation for girls from agencies like this would be LEL (LOW EXPECTATIONS LOOKER).

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    We've had this discussion (is outcalls illegal or not) many times and I never really get the answer. I know there is a loophole in Canada law. And besides, it is something LE looks the other way UNLESS under age girls are involved.

    I think the law in Canada is brothels (incall) is illegal whereas there is more than one woman offering her services not independent of an agent. The loophole in outcall is operator must fully benefit from the operation. He can not support others from the profits. This is what I remember from all of the discussions about Canada's law. You are most welcome to correct me.

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    Canadian laws basically prohibit brothels, sexual sollicitation, and sexual relations between adult and minors (but starting from 14 y.o., the age of "consent", minors can have sex together).

    Any type of incall or massage places can fall in the brothel category. LE has just to prove (generally through undercover agent, then a rundown) that the place was used to this end.

    The prohibitionj of sexual sollicitation (for a fee) can in theory "hit" you anywere. LE can either witness this on the street or can use an undercover female agent to "hook" a client. This could also be done during an outcall but it's obviously much more difficult to setup such a "hook". Unless you use a undercover female agent, how can you prove the sollicitation between a SP and a client between close doors. Sex between two consenting adults behind close doors (either at home or in a hotel) is perfectly legal.

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