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Thread: Less activity, less massage/escort ads, less post. Is everyone that scared?

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    Less activity, less massage/escort ads, less post. Is everyone that scared?

    I have been noticing less ads in places like Craigslist and Annonce123. There are also less post here and other places. All the news seems to be about the recent raids and upcoming announcement on new Legislation concerning prostitution. Is everyone that scared?

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    It's normal to see less adds on cl or 123. Many don't want to get attention at the moment. If there is less (visible) activity I'd suggest it has more to do with the providers than the clients. I'm certainly not scared a bit. Chances of a bust at the places I go are negligible. The worst could be a permit revocation.

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    I don't know about the shit hole of advertisement(craiglist) , where 5/8 ads are totally fake B&S... but when it comes to reputed agencies, i think on the oposite end, as the years pass there is more and more hot girls, more descriptions, more agencies too. Its flourishing. There may be less reviews tough, but again back then it was more a guess to book a girl, as now lots of agencies list services and such... when back in the time it was not as much the case.
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