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Thread: Nominations for the Best Reviewer of 2013

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    Nominations for the Best Reviewer of 2013

    With ManApart, the winner of the Best Reviewer of 2012 and 2011 now retired and running an agency, the field is now wide open for nominees for Best Reviewer of 2013.

    So please take a chance to highlight the guys who make this hobby so much easier. Last year ManApart got so many nominations* we never even bothered to hold a vote. This time around things should be a lot closer.

    For me comments by Hal, Fly 88 and Muffinbuster were all helpful, but the new workhorse and my nominee is Delta123.


    *Last year's nominations for Best Reviewer of 2012

    ManApart (last year's winner) 10
    MuffiinBuster 5
    UncleBob 3
    Cludsurf 3
    SapMan 3
    Rumples 3
    Rex Kramer 3
    Delta 123 (another board) 2
    Hal 2
    UNDFTD 2
    Nylon Lover 2
    Evil things 2
    Smart Boy

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    Sam, I assume this calls for one man-one vote? If so, I'm giving my vote to Sapman, not only for his taste in women, but more for his eloquence.
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    I can't judge for your taste of women, I don't see escorts, only mp. Also I'm not native english speaking. However, you two guys, sap and rump, are certainly the ones that make the most pleasant images flow in my brain when I read your reviews. Of course you two will answer that you're too humble to take the compliment, that everything has to do with the the girls you meet. Whatever. Of the two I'd choose for the one having more reviews this year, rump I guess.

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    I vote for Delta123, he also gets my vote for the horndog of year award.

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    i will recommand WhoAreYou.

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    Delta123 because lets face it, the guy is too hard to beat on the number of encouters. He reviews pretty much all of them too.
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    I vote for Sapman. It's not about quantity, it's about communicating how the escort might be a fitting match for you. If that element isn't present a great story is only entertaining, but no help to me.



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    I nominate UncleBob

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    Another vote for Sapman here. Not only for reviewer of the year, but of MERB's first decade. No one has ever written such flowing, informative reviews of his encounters. After reading one of his reviews, you have no doubts as to whether you would like to see the girl yourself or not. What more could anyone ask for?
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    UncleBob gets my vote

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    Delta123...... not only a good reviewer but the guy has a wealth of information on just about every girl in the business in Montreal, especially debutantes within days after they start.

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    Muffinbuffer reigns supreme, close second to Rumples!

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    Delta 123 he give always good info.

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    I vote for unclebob

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    My vote would go to UncleBob as well, very informative and interesting reviews and never tries to keep his top list to himself. Thumbs up!
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