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Thread: What are the best days for hobbying?

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    What are the best days for hobbying?

    Planning for next Montreal trip. Have very flexible schedule.

    I know that Sundays and Canadian holidays are the worst in terms of selection and availability. Those days are best saved for making the return trip to the Home of the Brave.

    But which is better? Mondays, Tuesdays (during week) or Fridays, Saturdays (weekends)?

    I've heard often that SPs don't like to work weekends (and don't normally do so). But, the weekends are also high demand from tourists, so the agencies may increase their supply.

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    From my experience, more SPs are generally available on Thursday, Friday and to a lesser extent Saturday evening/nights. Thursday in one of the most busy evening and night (pay day I guess).

    However, if you want to see someone in particular, many agencies have now schedules. You'll see that availabilities varies a lot, even from week to week. Few are available during the day.

    Indies are flexible. Many can accomodate you at various time of the day both during the week and the weekend. Most are not same-day rendez-vous though, you have to book in advance.

    I personnaly prefer to hobby the first part of the week (Monday-Wednesday). Less traffic in Hotels-Motels, easier to book someone (when available these days).

    Lion Heart

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    Yeah, Monday-Wednesday is my preference as well.

    The only disadvantage to this is that since most of the SP friendly hotels cater to the business traveller, the hotel rates during the week are higher than on weekends.

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    Never on a Saturday or Sunday - the girls are spending their money in clubs. Monday is OK though many are still recovering from the weekend. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are best. Friday is also good.

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    Whatever day Jessy of CN happens to be working!

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    Question quelles journées?


    j'aimerais savoir quelles journées(lun,mar,etc...) sont-elles le plus et le moins occupés pour les agences d'escortes?

    et deuxiemement, esque c'est plus occuper le jour ou le soir?

    merci pour votre aide!

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    Il y déjà plusieurs threads sur le sujet, dont un dernier tout à fait récent :

    Best days...

    Si tu as des problèmes en anglais et que tu veux mon opinion en français, tu peux toujours me transmettre un PM à ce sujet.

    Lion Heart

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