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Thread: At what age does a SP become Mature

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    At what age does a SP become Mature

    I have seen some adverts (not on Merb) for Mature SP's aged 24 ? as an older Hobbyist (mid 60's+) young SP's (young enough to be my grand daughter) advertising them selves as "mature" seems a little odd. This is not a complaint just an observation.
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    I would think mature would mean in their 40's or 50's.

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    I would say at least 40 years old

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    Usually 40 to qualify for MILF.

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    I think it's a flexible benchmark. I've seen some SP's that are mature in their 30s. If you're using the word mature as a derogatory term meaning "old" IMHO it's a misuse. Girls become women. Women become Mature at some point. It's not always a physical thing.

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    I think 35 is mature ... 45 is old no matter how you sugarcoat it ...

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    -1- Define "mature" !!!
    -2- Maturity is very different for EVERYBODY !!!
    -3- This thread is going nowhere lol ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver View Post
    Usually 40 to qualify for MILF.
    Mature women and MILF are totally different categories.

    You can have MILF that are only 30 years old.

    Being 55 years old, I think I have a long experience with women of different ages. I guess that we can define a woman as mature (physically speaking and not in terms of emotional stability or equanimity) when hormonal changes modify the smell of the pussy. Yes guys, pussy of women over 40/45 years smell differently (I don't say here that it stinks....I only tell you that it smell differently. Am I the only one to have noticed that???

    Maturity (referring to psychological characteristics) is a very fuzzy characteristic. So, I propose hormonal change (with the side effect of a different pussy aroma as an objective critera for physical maturity).

    This being said I've bang women over 45 that are still very apt as SP. I think, for instance , of my friend Kendrya Vaz. I did her three years ago when she was 45 and she was better than a scores of younger SPs!
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    If you use Mature as "brain mature" i would say any age can do.
    If you want a MILF per say, well she can be a mom at 22.. but to my MILF define at 30...
    If your thinking as PHYSICALLY mature, i would say 40.

    Just my point of view. 50 is pushing the grandma fantasy... lol , there are some women who are still very hot a 50, but its not that common, well maybe its because im 28... i have somewhat a fantasy to have sex with an older women... not sure if ill ever do it, i like young cute girls too a lot :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by protagoras View Post
    hormonal changes modify the smell of the pussy. Yes guys, pussy of women over 40/45 years smell differently (I don't say here that it stinks....I only tell you that it smell differently. Am I the only one to have noticed that???
    I have I love eating younger pussies (shaved pussies belonging to ladies between 18 and 25 years old) -- they smell good and taste delicious!

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    Very interesting question and I'd have to say there is no age, it's totally dependant on appearance and perception of what a girl can get away with.

    I have some experience in the porn industry pre & post production side and I can tell you we had girls as early as 26 in the milf category that looked worse for wear then real miles in their early 40s. Basically comes down to the eye test.

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    I'm gonna open an agency and call it...

    "Kittens & Cougars"

    Everybody wins!

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    At 35 I consider myself capable of being a mature escort. Not so much because of my age, but because of the services I can offer. I'm a classy woman that you could easily take out for dinner, or to a social function, have a conversation with, enjoy slow sensual lovemaking with...that's my definition of a mature escort. I would think it has less to do with age than attitude, but I would say that 30 would probably be the minimum age that I would consider a woman mature.

    Now whether my pussy smells mature or not, I have no idea, lol!

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    I don't even look at sp listed as older than 23, so the 24 mentioned by the first poster is what I would probably go with

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    Depends on your definition. Physically, mentally, behaviorally, all very different. really believe each SP (and us guys) are different and a tough one to put a number on.

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