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Thread: The OFFICIAL MERB BEST AGENCY of the YEAR 2013 Nomination thread.

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    The OFFICIAL MERB BEST AGENCY of the YEAR 2013 Nomination thread.

    Hello all,

    It's that time of year again. The nominations are open for one week until the end of the day January 5, 2014. The poll will be very soon after once all eligible members have been verified.

    Though much of this will be based on the process and standards ManApart chose last year, unlike last year I'm going to have a nomination process in case newer agencies have eclipsed older ones in the favor of the board membership. Each eligible member has 1 vote to choose the agency they thought served them best in 2013.

    Take into consideration: websites, contactability, honesty and friendliness of bookers, accurate descriptions/advertised services/pictures, punctual arrivals/honoured prebooking appointments, general customer service pre & post appointments, overall satisfaction with girls etc.

    Please note:

    1. Any agency that has not been determined to be B&S is eligible.

    2. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 25th, 2013, or any date before, are eligible to nominate or vote in the poll.

    3. A member must have posted at least one review sometime in their posting history.

    4. In the final poll you will be able to post any honorable mentions, or 2nd, 3rd places below, but you only will have one official vote in the poll. You can cite honorable mentions here, but only your top 3 choices will be considered for adding to the poll. You are responsible for the order of choices you write down if you post more than 3.

    5. Make sure that you used this agency in the year 2013.

    6. No owner or anyone who worked at an agency or acted as a de-facto agent of an agency can nominate or vote.

    *It will be appreciated if the mods or members help in identifying ineligible voters during or after the nomination process.

    Good luck to all,


    My top choice is Montreal Sex City for providing my best experience of the year with Vivienne/Jenna who worked for them at the time.

    In 2nd, MTLGFE for Marylin Minx at the time.

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    2 msc
    3 xxxtase/delight
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    GoodGirls, hottest roster of girls.

    Honorable mention Delight/XXXTase.

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    Based on my last 7 reviews in the last 5 months :

    1. Wildtime ...saw Amelie, Alexandria and Shanna....all fantastic.

    2. Delight....saw Nikky and Mya ( my new ATF of the year)

    3. GG....saw the one and only Hannah 9 times.

    4. MTLGFE....Saw Ana..... a very pleasant surprise.

    Out of a 100, they are separated by less than 10%.
    Based on service , value and over-all satisfaction I will have to pick Wiltime for 2013.
    Hats off to Jimmy, Alex and Paradox....actually she looks rather sexy in that hat.

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    I give my nomination to WildTime, with honorable mentions to MTLGFE, Asservissante, and MSC.

    Quote Originally Posted by cloudsurf View Post
    and Paradox..actually she looks rather sexy in that hat.
    She does, but she looks sexy in anything...or nothing.
    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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    GoodGirls: For the hottest new out of the box arrival. Peneloppe, Candy, Laurelle and the 2 friends Han/Kat wow.

    Honorable mentions:

    Angel Escorts: Often having new sexy arrival on the menu.

    Wildtime: Very professionnal new agency. Unbeatable donations. A rising star.

    MSC: You can't go wrong with Jessy's team for GFE service and fair donation.

    Mtlgfe: Had some very good encounter there. Great value. But little problem to get the girls on time.

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    Pour Moi mon vote vas a:

    #1 Wildtime j'ai vue la très charmante Amelie, la très jolie Julie (3X) et la super Jordan, ainsi que Lola
    Mon vote vas a wildtime a cause du services des filles la beauté des filles, la facilité a booker et les prix je pense que coté Qualité -Prix sont dure a battre.

    #2 Eleganza : Mes 2 dernière rencontre fut avec Raven Wow 2 SUPER belles rencontres

    #3 MTLGFE : J'ai rencontré la très Hot Ana et la super sexy Roxy (3x)

    #4 Goodgirls : J'ai rencontré la très Jolie Lexxi (2x)
    Mr First

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    1. Wild Times - Saw Tiffany, Amelie (Real nympho!) and Jordan. Easy booking, friendly, best customer service and best price.

    2. MSC - Cherie was great, easy booking.
    Ça sent la coupe!

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    1. Good Girls

    2. Wild Times

    3. Montreal GFE

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    I nominate Plaisirs Rebels

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    It is a great pleasure to find humor where one would not expect to find it.

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    My nominees in no particular order are




    I've used all three agencies this year and have had wonderful experiences with each.
    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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    I had a great hobby time in 2013, for this i say thank you to the agencies supporting the forum. Without them, we would not be spoiled in Montreal :-) 2013 is most likely my most active year to date. Been thinking on the parameters for the choice... decision should NOT be based on a few weeks of glory but the performance over the whole year (12 months). Overall my experiences in 2013 were very positive with all the agencies.

    Some points I considered

    A. Consistency of recruiting girls; of course keeping them is a key factor. Also knowing they are treated well is re-assuring and important to me.
    B. Communication; in this day and age, no texting / pm, no business.
    C. Reliability and trust; delivering what is advertised and building my trust in exchange for my business.
    D. Presentation, photograph and recruiting criteria, website / merb updates, scheduling
    E. Overall efficiency / customer experience.

    GoodGirls, amazing job, and all practically done in 2013.

    - I think Mike made an awesome business decision to add James4u on his team. Perfect Duo.
    - A young agency having built this business in such a short time. Impressive.


    - If only they had more girls... I truly trust the agency going all the way back to Martin.
    - Mostly dealt with Steve in 2013, a perfect gentlemen going the extra mile and showing what customer service excellence is.

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    In no particular order, my nominees are: Goodgirls (Kate, Tessa, Katrina, Bella), Delight/XXXTase (Virginie, Bianka, Jany, Gabriela), MTL GFE (Charlie) and Girls on Fire (Tara). My repeat girls are in bold.

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