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Thread: Pay it Forward?

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    Pay it Forward?

    About a year ago I mentioned a happening in my timeline. I'd been in the drive-through at the Wendy's when the car in front of me out-of-blue paid for my lunch. I was stunned at the time and thinking back on it I'm still stunned. Well it happened again at the McDonalds just a few minutes ago. The cashier was as stunned as I was and just said the lady said "God Bless". I asked the cashier (who looked to be some type of manager) if she'd ever seen anything like it. She said "Never". People and happenings usually have some type of logic. Granted it's convoluted at times, but at least some type of causal effect. I can even see it happening to me once, but twice? It doesn't really sound like some type of "Pay it forward" thing. I mean if I'm going to be lucky how about the lottery instead.........signed, "Looking for Answers".

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    Now i wouldn't mind this happening in the SP business, previous client paying for me :P
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    Mike, why don't you start it?

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