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Thread: Canada's new prostitution bill expected 'well before' deadline

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    Canada's new prostitution bill expected 'well before' deadline

    Will be interested to see what the new law will look like. My bet is they will try and impose the nordic style law.

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    I doubt it. I good way out for them is criminalization of clients of trafficked victims, like Finland.

    Their major problem is to deal with brothels. A way out is to permit workers owned only.

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    Prostitution: a majority unfavorable to criminalization

    From La Presse:

    Prostitution: une majorité défavorable à la criminalisation

    With some help from Google Translate:

    A vast majority of Quebecers believe the federal government should allow prostitution rather than ban it, while the Supreme Court has ordered Ottawa to review its rules on the matter.

    A CROP - La Presse poll conducted in Quebec with 1,000 respondents between January 16 and 19 revealed that 67% of the population believes that the federal government should "allow prostitution by controlling the rules of practice." Only 19% support the ban.

    In addition, Quebecers are divided with regard to the recent statement of Minister of Justice, Peter MacKay, who could criminalize the purchase of sexual services by customers rather than solicitation by workers and sex workers.

    In all, 43% were somewhat or strongly in disagreement with the direction that seems to take the government, inspired called Nordic or Swedish models. This approach to "criminalize the purchase of sexual services and any third party trying to enjoy it, to protect sex workers", as specified by CROP in its questionnaire.

    In contrast, 39% of respondents were very or somewhat in agreement with this approach.

    These results surprised Patrice Corriveau, a criminologist at the University of Ottawa, as usually, the Nordic model and Swedish is popular among the people.

    "Politically, the Swedish model is a pleasing one because it identifies the villains and victims. It's pretty easy to understand.

    "But this is not what happens in reality: the Swedish model recreates the conditions of vulnerability of workers and sex workers, who have been criticized by the judges of the Supreme Court," said the professor.

    Decriminalization and supervision

    In December, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the Criminal Code offenses relating to the solicitation in order to provide sexual services to the holding of a common bawdy house and procuring. The judges ruled that the bans put the safety of sex workers in danger.

    The court gave the government one year to adopt a new model. Yesterday, the federal government, through the Justice Minister Peter MacKay said he will present his new bill on prostitution before the December deadline.

    Mr. MacKay said Ottawa had already started drafting the bill, but that further consultation with the police and provincial governments were needed.

    "The prohibition, criminalization of prostitution, it is not at all in tune with public opinion in Quebec," said Vice President of CROP, Yuri Rivet, in light of this survey.

    Thus, the Quebec public opinion may be more aligned with the current models in the Netherlands and New Zealand, for example, where prostitution is decriminalized, but is subject to a regulatory framework.

    "Much of the population is saying:" No, it is not by criminalizing we will be able to achieve this goal of protecting the most vulnerable people must find more effective ways. " "Patrice Corriveau noted.

    "That, I must admit that I am really surprised. "

    - With The Canadian Press

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