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Thread: Anyone else just quit?

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    Anyone else just quit?

    I developed a moral dilemma several months ago, and can't bring myself to do this, despite being young and lonely. I still find myself partially addicted to the general forums on here, but the reviews make me feel really bad, so I avoid them like a plague. Is this just the American in me. There is a reason for this, but I don't feel comfortable posting about it since involves someone else and wouldn't be fair to that person. Now, the real question, is how do I get women to start liking me?

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    interesting topic


    i think i know what you mean, for i, too, have experienced some degree of guilt in the past after having given what i felt was too much graphic details in some of my reviews, thinking that it may not really be fair to the person being reviewed, that i was perhaps unnecessarily lowering myself in doing so, and, more importantly, that i didn't really need to include such graphic details since they didn't seem essential to the general information i wanted to pass along. So, since then, i've been keeping my reviews short and to the point, with the provider's phone number often included in case anyone is interested and wishes to know more.


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    thanks oliver, i'll pm you some time.

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