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Thread: Downtown Hotel Recommendation?

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    Downtown Hotel Recommendation?

    Any idea which downtown hotels are the most escort-friendly? I mean, are there ever any problems with the hotel staff refusing access to a girl or asking questions about who they are there to see? Some hotel lobbies are configured differently - some allow anyone to walk right to the elevators while others require people to pass right by the front desk. I'd hate to get all worked up, only to have a lobby guard stop my girl before she can get on the elevator, in order to save the reputation of their establishment. Any experiences?

    Or am I being too paranoid?


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    I believe we all have thought about this our first time visiting.. to set your mind at ease most places are SP friendly.. some are really easy to get to the elevators.

    Some have keys to access the elevator...."The W" is the one I remember.
    I will try to put here for you as I searched the same thing, planning my visit.
    Even if you get the W, you might not have any problems...

    The Omni, Sheraton, and Marriot(s) are party friendly just from reading some reviews.

    Using the search function on hotel names helped also..
    Which lead me to this post and information that Vogue also locks the elevator.
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    Executive Suite at the Clarion Hotel on De Maisonneuve West is my spot of choice... Never had a problem there.
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    So far as hotels go, I checked into the Residence du Voyageur, thinking it was the ABRI du Voyageur mentioned in this thread. Should have paid closer attention to the full name of the place!! Probably a similar hotel though; the rooms look alike anyhow, really small, brick walls inside the rooms and all that. $80 bucks, located on Sherbrooke at Berri. Not knowing Montreal all that well, though, I would guess that Sherbrooke at Berri is right smack dab in the middle of the gay part of town. Several same-sex couples holding hands, rainbow stickers everywhere. Live and learn.

    Next time I will go to a more central hotel, using Priceline. I prefer the anonymity of a larger chain hotel. The Residence would have been totally workable for getting a girl upstairs, but the desk clerk would have known what was up, and given how thin the walls were in the Residence du Voyageur, your neighbours would have known too.

    By the way, I got home too drunk and too tired to order up an SP. Nonetheless, I called eleganza to try and book Cindy, Samantha or Veronique, but the wait was way too long, so I passed and went to sleep. Hit a couple of the take-out bars this afternoon but no talent at work there on a quiet Monday PM. Oh well.

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    I like the Delta, both Montreal (Pres. Kennedy) and Centerville (University). Both are SP friendly. The Centerville is a little more discrete giving that there are more elevators and they are away from the front desk. Guest do not have to go in front of the front desk to get to the elevators. If you have Delta privilege, telephone calls are free and not recorded on your invoice.

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    Don't book at the Omni right now. Their staff have been on strike for one month and management staff have been doing all the work in their absence. Replacement workers (scabs) are not allowed in the province of Quebec. No mini-bar service, no room service....housekeeping takes an eternity to show up, etc. It's a bleeding hotel and shame on PL for sending people there.

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