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Thread: An email from my future wife Maria

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    An email from my future wife Maria

    Once in a while some scam emails manage to get through the junk mail filter and make it into my inbox. Most of these emails are entertaining. Here's the one I got this morning from Maria a very beautiful woman from Russia and who has received, God knows how, my pictures and did actually like them.

    Post your funny scam emails here, if you have any.

    Hello again!
    I have not received the letter for a long time..
    I wish to continue dialogue. If you will be attentive ok?
    English language very much to like!!! But probably I write with mistakes...
    I wanted to learn the person from Canada. I think all Russian people love Canada!
    I have the sister in Canada. The sister lives in Canada with the husband!
    I have plans, to fly to April the beginning!
    Tell your plans in April?. I hope, you remember my name - Maria.
    Now you have a wife? Or the girl has appeared lately?
    I was glad to see your photos, please? I would like to know, at what age - you now?
    My age now 41 years! My email: .....

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    I got an email the other day from a name i did not know saying to contact them, i just come in to $2 million dollars. Needless to say i just deleted the email. It probably would have cost me $5 or $10 thousand to have them send me the money LOL and at the end of the day i would have been $5 or $10 thousand dollars poorer. How people fall for this stuff is beyond me but if they contact enough people they always find some fish.


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    I'm pretty close with a very rich Nigerian Prince.

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    HFE, my guess is that this E-mail was drafted in Russian (or another language) and translated to English by software like Google translate. It's funny how the grammar sounds.

    Scam E-mail are usually quite obvious, such as the Nigerian prince and some very rich American businessman. I don't have many funny scam emails to offer, but I've received some that appeared quite real. One was from an E-mail address that ends with, it was only the link in the E-mail it wanted me to click on looked suspicious and that's how I found out.

    One scam I remember very well was from a long-time friend, but it was not the content of the E-mail but because of how I dealt with it. In the E-mail, she claimed that she lost her passport and all her money while traveling to another country, and she was desperate and in tears blah blah blah, so please transfer some money to her, etc. I've known this person since childhood and I knew for a fact that she's too smart to freak out on an occasion like this. I actually started laughing in front of the monitor while reading it, because I was trying to match her image with a freaked-out woman in tears. It was so obvious that someone hacked her account and sent this E-mail to everyone in her contact list. I decided to have some fun, so I replied saying that, baby, I'm so sorry that this happened, please let me know how I should transfer money to you. By the way, I still have feelings for you although we broke up a few months ago (actually we were never involved in a romantic relationship), I hope I can do something to win you back. So the person simply replied, thank you, I miss you too, now please transfer to this western union account. I know I was wasting my time but it was just a little fun for me.

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    A few years ago I got an email saying I had a share, 2.6 million dollars CDN, of an inheritance from a rich uncle in Hamilton On. I clicked on the link, registered, and the next day another email came in wanting my checking account number. I sent it to them and in about 30 days there was a deposit made. They made a mistake because it wasn't 2.6 million, but 26 million, and with the exchange rate what it was I ended up with about 27 million. So I closed the account before they could get the extra back out of my account.
    This obviously isn't true, but I did get the email saying my Uncle Jim from somewhere in England on my mother's side had named me in his will. I was never made aware of an "Uncle Jim" in my entire family. Mother never knew of one and Dad didn't either, but I had already deleted the email before I checked with them.
    One of my co-worker's mother had received a phone call from her grandson "Adam" saying he had lost his passport and needed $2000 to be able to get back home from Mexico. Adam just happened to be outside mowing her lawn when the phone rang. When she ask how he got to Mexico so quickly because the riding lawn mower is still running. The caller promptly hung up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff jones View Post
    How people fall for this stuff is beyond me but if they contact enough people they always find some fish.

    When nobody wants to meet you, you're single since you were born, some people will believe that these persons are sincere. They want to be loved, whatever the price.
    I answered to some firendship requests: beautiful young and sexy women. Thwy were in their 30s, french girls living in Côte-d'Ivoire. They told me they fell in love with me by seeing my picture. How can I believe them, no women here wanted to meet me, by the the web meeting sites? And I was right to be suspiscious. I want love and I need love, but it seems that I'm stronger than people who believed them.

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    I always receive e-mail informing me I won millions for joining something online or that some uncle living somewhere died and named me his heir.
    The e-mails usually ask for my banking information and such that it's so obvious it is a scam.
    I just delete these kind of e-mails and move on to the next :P

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    What is a bit more disconcerting is the spam emails advertising "non nude preteen girls" this is getting sick and has to be stopped. Most of these are coming from the ex USSR countries but recently I have received them from France and Holland, as well as China and Korea. I clear my spam box daily without reading
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    " I clear my spam box daily without reading"

    So do I..its getting very tiresome


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