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Thread: What turn you off in ads ?

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    Post What turn you off in ads ?

    I was just checking ads on some sites and was wandering if I am the only turned off by some ads.

    I hate to read something like 'Mon chérie' , ''mouillée or 'Cochonne', etc.

    I feel like they think I am stupid...

    Also posting 20 ads the same day kind of keep me away...

    What do you think ?

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    for me its je fais pas les noirs

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    I feel the same way as Calabas. When it comes to pictures, like" pussy" or squeezed breast poses, along with folded stretch marks....Real turn off. I don't think the ladies actually want to poses like this, their pimps must think this will attract clients.

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    Look behind you.
    ann123 ads: Girls with cum on their backs, sucking dick, various items stuck in their pussy, doggy position ( rear pic )............. To me these have no class at all.

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    What turns me off?

    All of the above and the following...

    A guy's name next to the phone number (when girl promotes as indie)
    Yellow teeth
    Cigarette packs/Ash trays.
    40 trying to look 20.
    Laval (J'ai eu ma leçon une fois)
    À 5 min du pont Jacques Cartier.
    Small pictures. I mean the really small ones which are useless.
    Blurred pix (whole)
    Guys pix in the female escort.

    I think that's it.
    Holy shit! Let's see if you bastards can do ninety!

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    I generally don't like it when an indie's ad is so vulgar that its obvious that someone else (likely a pimp) wrote it for her. I also don't like it when the person has been the same age for years and years

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    Stupid fonts and designs that make ads hard to read.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    My top 3 pet peeves are all really a subset of one - the pictures are misleading

    1.) Glamor photo shoots with sexy photos. The girl shows up like she is ready for yard work and looks nothing like her pictures.
    2.) Lingerie photos but the girl cannot wear any of this for the session. Recently an Indy wanted an extra 100$ for a specific outfit request when I asked her to dress like one of her photos. (This just happened in Vegas)
    3.) Glamor shots and all the tattoos are airbrushed away. She shows up covered in ink that detracts from her looks.
    4.) Claims of GFE and everything is covered and there is no DFK.
    5.) Lack of face pics (all though I understand this one) I still would like to see her face.

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    False pics and lack of information about price (especially regarding minimum tips expected) & general location. Unless I read a few good, informative reviews, I'm not going to take any chances on those. Also, agencies and parlors that spam tons of ads, or try to pass off as "indies". It's been said also many times, but when it's clearly written by a third party instead of the provider in a very demeaning way. In the end, the only interesting ads I notice are those from genuine indies who seem to have some interest with their work, and I'm guessing that quality providers don't exactly need to spam ads every day. Special lemon prizes for asian places.. biggest bullshitters of them all.

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    I forgot the words 'Baby', 'Bebe' or BB...

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    Lily from Montreal
    Spelling mistakes, and vulgarity in the wording and the pics...burk

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    Educational babble followed by terrible spelling and grammar.

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    Using a black marker to darken/hide the face - creepy
    Short hair - pics of girls in short hair is a skip 19/20 times (y I know personal pref)
    Obvious Photoshopped - where they have a normal ass and toothpick legs

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    Exaggeratedly false descriptions.

    I have seen a 5' 8" voluptuous woman described as weighing 125. (Her real weight was later revealed as 165).

    Some agency pictures actually post pictures of women with virtually no mammary development and describe them as having 'c' cups.

    Once an agency posted a description of a woman as being DDG with stunning breasts. She had a misshappen face, crooked teeth, floppy boobs and appeared ten years older than her listed age.
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