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Thread: Falling asleep during massage

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    Falling asleep during massage

    Is falling asleep during a massage a good or bad sign?

    I feel that a good massage provides relaxation but not in a way that makes you feel sleepy but actually more awake, as you are following the fine sensations... Falling asleep would be a sign of a bad massage. No?

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    I don't think so. Sometimes i'm really but really tired, and i let myself go during the massage. Not a big fan of talking non-stop anyways, so i close my eyes at some point and just relax. Even if it's just 10 minutes, i feel refreshed after and ready for options.

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    Every time I get a massage I fall asleep. I am talking about legit massages.

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    falling asleep in a legit massage is perfectly normal. it doesn't mean the massage is bad. it only means the massage therapist will have to adjust the next time to not put you to sleep

    i had a MT give me a massage once and i was feeling sleepy afterwards. the next time i saw her, told her about it and she made some adjustments and i was upbeat afterwards

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    I fall asleep in the dentists chair while having a filling done so on the massage table, yup, been there done that as well
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    If I don't fall asleep during a massage then she didn't do it right.
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    I fell asleep during intercourse once. I had brought a new gf on a romantic weekend and had boned her all the previous night. Didn't think one could fall asleep doing that, but when you have had a big meal, a hot tub, and are exhausted from work before the weekend started, that is what happens.

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    Ha ha, you're so used to having sex, you can do it in your sleep!

    I never fell asleep during massage, but I'm sure it can happen to most people. (I have trouble getting to sleep alone in my own bed; and I never could sleep in a car or train). Actually, that would be nice: getting massaged to sleep after a rough day. A rub and tuck.
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    I have drifted in and out of sleep during some massages, in total time it may only be 5-6 minutes of sleep. It is the best quality of sleep I have ever had. Very relaxing, if you can get it.

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    Definitely during a real therapeutic relaxing massage when I'm there because of tired muscles from over-activity. Problem (on occasion) I awake suddenly and that causes a twitch in my muscles (ie. legs) and sometimes it startles the masseuse. Don't know why that is... it doesn't usually happen when I'm asleep in my own bed or couch. But it sure feels good.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I almost always fall asleep during a massage...
    I've also fell asleep during sex, in real life not as Lily, and I've even started and or continue to have sex without waking up loll,next day it is funny to wonder if it was a dream lol

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    Same thing has happened to me, Lily. Wonder if I was dreaming of you

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    Lily from Montreal
    Loll...And the next day I told my partner ,that it was nice but I was asleep when he started the deed,and he said I was the one who started,he was just to happy to continue lol

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