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    Jimmy at WildTime will be the first person I call the next time I plan a trip to Montreal. Being a newcomer to the Montreal escort scene, I contacted several agencies prior to my arrival. Wildtime was one of the few agencies that responded, and it did so promptly and courteously. I had indicated what kind of experience I was looking for, and Jimmy commented helpfully on the companions I had tentatively selected. I made a two-hour appointment for Thursday night, April 24.

    Unfortunately, on Thursday, my train from New York experienced a two-hour delay, so I had to cancel my appointment. I texted Jimmy from the train, and he was extremely understanding. We set up an appointment for the next night. My experience Friday night was everything I had hoped for and more. My companion, Adriana, was as attractive, personable, lively, and intimate as her profile had indicated. She put me at ease and treated me to a memorable evening. I'll be posting a separate review of Adriana soon.

    Jimmy impressed me the most, however, on Saturday. I had also booked an appointment with another companion on Saturday night, but Saturday afternoon, Jimmy emailed and then texted me to let me know that she was not available. He offered a substitute. When I reminded Jimmy what kind of experience I was looking for, Jimmy, rather than trying to convince me that the companion he had suggested was suitable (and I would have trusted him if he had), told me he would recommend an independent escort or another agency. Jimmy attempted to make an appointment with a celebrated escort whose name even I was familiar with, having done a very little bit of reading on MERB prior to my trip, but she was not available. Jimmy then recommended two other agencies and gave me helpful, real-time feedback on the companions I was considering. The companion I ended up meeting was as good as Jimmy's word.

    Jimmy's Wildtime is the real deal.

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    Glad you had a good time with Adriana, i don't know her, she was not there during my short stint as booker for WT, but Jimmy has always been a very client oriented owner indeed. Its always been the catch phrase of Wildtime Satisfy the client. He puts a lot of effort into the agency so people have a good time.
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    I too have experienced the same customer service attitude from Jimmy. He runs a 1st class operation that is very, customer oriented.

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