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Thread: Prediction on the massage scene in Montreal.

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    Prediction on the massage scene in Montreal.

    The mayor of Montreal announces when he was elected that he will do something about the large amount of massage parlors in soon. They are waiting for the new federal law to kick in before they make a move. I suspect that this news will come in just before the parliament closes for the summer to limit complaints. Here in Montreal they will make new bylaws to separate massotherapy places from massage places. The police have also announced that they will will be cracking down on human trafficking. This means they will visit the erotic massage parlors to look for illegals and under aged.

    When the first raids hit, stay away from the eroic massage places if you do not want to end up on Allo Police.

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    If you read that new plan of the Monteal police, there is nothing concrete about doing anything. Montreal could make bylaws restricting massage parlors, but it has nothing to do with how the police operates. If the business is legal, the Police still have to spend months investigating before they can close a single place.

    Government said they would have a new bill proposal ready by summer, but it takes some time before it becomes law. It has to be read, discussed and finally sent to Senate for approval. I guess they will probably have the bill proposal ready before the summer vacation, so that they can look at it and start discussing it in fall. They have a majority, so it won't be a problem to get anything accepted, but it will still take the rest of the year I think.
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