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Thread: Other boards?

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    Other boards?

    Merbs -

    This is the only board I know of for this topic... I've heard about other boards out there; it's also been implied that they suck and this one rocks. What's the story?

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    ******** is not bad. It's giving this board some competition. Most peol
    ple here surf both. They are very similar. Others like BIg Doggie and The Erotic review are not in the same league as MERB and MERC. There are many others but these 2 are the best. It's loke a Boston Red Sox New York Yankees rivalry. It could only be healthy.

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    TBD & TER

    TBD (Big Doggie) & TER (The Erotic Review) are mainly for the US.

    There are some discussion boards there for Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, but that's just a token presence, mainly for any US SPs (rare) who visit Canada.

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    Lightbulb the other board

    Of course there's montreal massage .ca

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    TER has reviews of many Montreal ladies... (It was another SP friend of mine who told me that I had reviews on this board)

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    Does anyone know of any boards in the UK?

    Only in Canada?............................Pity!

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    European Board & TER


    It is a European Board based in France I belive but with subsidiaries for the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany between others. You can get the board in a number of languages including English and they have a great deal of reviews from girls across Europe.

    I post there regularly, or as regularly as i can

    As for the TER, this is not realy a exchange board as there is no exchange (expect for messaging between members) but a posting board fr reviews in the USA, mostly although some Canandian cities doe appear, particularly Toronto and MTL. Good source of info if you are comming here (USA).

    I also post there from time to time.

    One big difference for bth TER and LGR is you have to become a memeber to get the juicy details and you do that by paying or posting reviews.
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