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    "Oh, so they have internet on computers now!" - Homer J.

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    Excellent perspective and so true. Live by the rule "be a gentleman with no expectations" and you will have good times.

    Good read Fred, thanks for sharing!

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    Hi all
    Read the entire posting good advice for hobbyist if they are the one falling in love however fails to mention the other side what a hobbyist should do or not
    When a SP falls in love ?
    The SP are not robots with off/on buttons and fail safe software they do have feelings and sometimes they are the ones cought in catch 22 !
    In my 20 years tenure I saw it happen no one has immunity not even the greatest looking bombshells!
    They do have dreams of romance and charming Prince or white knight or whatever !Role play is on both sides!
    Its adult entertainement !
    Both parties must exercise control over fantasy and phantasm!
    Regards all

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    When writing an e-mail or making a phone call to an SP be careful of the words you chose. I had one SP tell me if she reads an e-mail with any slang (i'll call it ghetto slang) she will not answer it. Any thing like "Hey What up?" is a real turn-off. I asked why and she said that she was robbed before. She said that it has been her experience that professional 40+ aged white males are the safest. One of the ways that she can screen for this is good diction. She is a hispanic and she said she has no problem with having sex with black men. However, she was robbed by a younger non-professional black guy and she wants no part of this type of client.

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