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Thread: MTLSP having troubles using this website?

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    MTLSP having troubles using this website?

    Hi !
    Am i the only one having trouble using mtlsp's website?
    I used to be able to add new profiles and now website shuts down when I try to log in....
    No answer from the webmaster

    let me know using this website was awesome and great advertisment! Thanks

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    An indy told me yesterday she recently had trouble using it too...
    Find what you love, and let it kill you...

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    Lily from Montreal
    Me too,it crashes...

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    They are currently working on fixing the bug, I'm certain it won't be long now =)

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    Yes, a message pops up and says that an error has occured, and asks me to try later. Been like this for a week, or maybe a little more I think.

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    Cool thanks! I thought I was blacklisted or something.... Couldn't figure why

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    Is this website operational anymore or maybe has changed websites?

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