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Thread: Tourist rooms, do you remember them? Have you used one.

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    Tourist rooms, do you remember them? Have you used one.

    Some people here do not remember tourist rooms and have not used one. There were still a few around 10-15 years ago. I do not know if they still exist. For those that do not know about tourist rooms, they were left overs from the 1940s-50s. These were rooming houses that rent by the day ( or hour ) There were quite run down being that generally they were never changed or updated for 50 years. I only saw the tourist rooms in the last days of their existence, but I was told that there was a time when the street scene was at its peak and there were a few streets that were lined with girls only a few feet apart on St. Catherine from St. Laurent to St. Denis.

    Were you there at the peak of the street scene, do you remember tourist rooms?

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    OMG memories, I used to work for a bank downtown and one of my co-workers (married) was flirting with me constantly. When I thought that the timing was right I asked outright and she replied, "Do you have a key, I'll meet you there after work !" I went out at lunch and rented a room from one of the tourist rooms in the St.Laurent & Sherbrooke area. We went there separately after work and fucked for hours (I was much younger ), that was the one and only time I was in one. Thank you for making me remember.
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    Years ago, there were three types of tourist rooms, there were some near St. Catherine between St. Laurent and St. Denis and some near De Maisonneuve and St. Hubert. These were hump hotels that rented by the hour. Some of these hump hotels were not much more than a guy with a house and a sign in the window with room for rent. Up near Sherbrooke they catered to the tourist, but some rented to SWs and cliets. There was a third catagory, these were larger buildings that rented to the back woods Quebecois that came in from the woods to the big city. These were big dorms that rented cheap. No funny business allowed there, but many girls came in from the sticks and financed their city visit with matress work. There is a building on the corner of Rachel and Frontanac that had a brasserie on the first floor and dorm rooms upstairs. ( check it out on google maps and go to street view ) In the late 70 and 80s you could pick up fresh Quebecois farm girls at the brasserie for a fun time. Some were play for pay, but most were out for a good time. Before the motto what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas was popular, that was the motto these girls were using. These girls would come to Montreal and fuck like banshees for a couluple of weeks before returing home to Chibougamou.

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    When the street scene died and everything went indoors, these tourist rooms died as well. Things started to change in the mid 90s, back then massage meant a massage and there was only a 5-10% chance you would even get a HJ., mostly these were private. As the salons opened up a lot of part timers and students started to work there and offered more. Going into a tourist room was like going back into a 1940s movie, you were expecting Bogart wearing a fedora to bust in on you holding a gat.

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    Tourists roms are still around. I was in one a few years back, but can't recall where the place was located or its name. It was some run down motel in downtown Montreal. Really old style.

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    About 25 year back I had a unusual experience at one of these tourist rooms. Most were close to the downtown core. In those days the street scene was much more popular and the clients took their girls to the tourist rooms close by. Many girls were part timers that could be picked up hitch hiking and they would make it known that they were for hire. I picked up a girl of about 22-23 and took her to the tourist room for a good time. When I was finished I noticed a couple of young girls in a sitting. One told me that she was available, I was not interested at that time because I had just come out of a session with another girl. They told me to come back another time to see them. These were country girls that had come into the big city to make a few bucks and have a good time. They were too timid to stand out on a street corner, so they worked the bars and also made themselves available at the tourist rooms ( with the proprietors permission / commision )

    Many of these girls are now young grandmothers, I can imagine a little girl asking her grandmother in Chibougamou if her grandmother had ever been to the big city.

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    about twenty years ago. one on the main another on ste-catherine.

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    I use to use these tourist rooms for street pick ups, until I discovered that there are in house room service available. Some of the tourist room operators would have photo albums of women that they can show you with ladies available. Clients could make appointment and they would meet them at the rooms. I saw one in an album that looked like a stripper and made an appointment. These were women that had a family life and did not want to stand out on a street corner. I think that the tourist room made money on the room and on the management of these ladies.

    I saw one of these ladies in her civilian clothes at the neighborhood grocery store and another one at a buffet restaurant. This was 25 years back.

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