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Thread: Carol Cox Parties

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    Carol Cox Parties

    I was wondering if anyone has ever been to one of Carol's parties? They seem to be a blast and could be interesting for a mini get together. Here's a link to some info for her next one

    Unfortunately this one has a cover charge but it seems that most do not. So if anyone has been to one could you let me know if it is worth going to? Thanks.

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    carol cox

    NOW i understand why they were tons of cars when i went by there a month or so ago... visibly there's only a pool hall and some other business of no particular interest.. but i suppose they're hidden away in back or something and maybe what we have at 20 Cremazie is a kind of Wallmart equivalent of 1650 Belanger Str. ... more input gentlemen?

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    Cool Sorry was watching "The Simpsons"

    Hmm Carol Cox. Historically, she is a swinger first then turned amateur porn mistress. Of course, her parties are filled with bible reading sessions. So you better contact her first to see what the next discussion would be.
    Ok, I might get the boot for saying stupidities. (Watching Homer while writing this does not help.) It's filled with sex and, by chances, you might get the cherry. Contacting her ahead is to discuss, perhaps, fees, and well, see if you have had all your vaccinations – if you know what I mean. Also, you might have to provide your IQ digits and reading skills.
    Don't be surprised to see sex right and left, after all it's common. Oh lastly, you might see or witness bare back sex. It's common. That's why having your vaccinations booklet, in hands, is a must.
    I can't speak for you. While you win the prize, it all depends. Will you see real life porn? Oh yeah!
    Make her laugh, make her smile, and do make her moan

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    carol cox

    Do they do like ravers and change spot at every new party and have to contact Carol beforehand to know where the sex will be?
    What happens at 20 Cremazie?.. she writes there's no sex there.

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    It’s a wrestling show. Carol and Danny (her husband) are there every show he owns the IWS it’s a wrestling federation. They are sitting on the second floor watching the show and having fun. We are often there with them having a drink. You are welcome to come and meet them but don’t expect a fuck fest that’s not at all what it is. They are actually very cool people and the show is quite good. Then again there are other parties you would need a special invitation to those…


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    So people meet at Cremazie and, IF COMPATIBLE, bang elsewhere later at one large location?.. or at various homes and hotels?

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    This particular party is a wrestling party, not all of them are. Many of them are for members of her website but she also has regular get togethers. These are the ones I'm interested in.

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    Hi Guys

    The party in question is just our monthly wrestling event. As Kandy & Kink mentioned, we stay upstairs in a semi private area and just have fun. It is not a sex party by any means. If things happen afterwards, they happen, but many times nothing goes on later.

    I also hold more intimate and fun private parties, but I'm not sure when we'll be doing the next one.

    Carol xoxoxo

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    Your Link


    You need to fix the link in your signature. It's not properly formatted.

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    has anyone being to her get together at bogeys on cremazie

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