Ok, so if you don't know who is the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd), he is the title character of a web serie created by James Rolfe(starring himself) that started in 2006, he reviews old games from the past always in a frustrated and cursing manners. The show include numerous guest characters and sketches. I would sugest going on youtube and putting AVGN as your search.

Its been since 2010 that there is a movie in the work, and at least its gonna be released. It has already started i think in the states but obviously i can't go there, but the movie will premiere in canada at the Fantasia Film Festival. I can't really make it to the July 27 date, but there is a second screening on August 6th, wich is the one i want to attend. Tickets goes on sale today and i am wondering if anybody would like to join me for seeing this long awaited movie.

Normally i wouldn't go to MTL to see a movie, but this one... i sure want to. The movie is independant, so there won't be major screening in canada. The DVD version should hit the online selling around december or january of 2015, but i don't want to wait that long. Actually i want to enjoy seeing the movie with fellow fans as well...

So basically let me know if some of you would like to attend, and if this is not your thing at all, well pass your way :P