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    Please don't bash me or get angry at me.I am just asking a question and like to know.
    not while ago an sp was advertized on one of the agencies for $180 now she is advertising for $400 an hour and she has a deal for merb members promotion for a short time $300 incall and charges extra for out call.
    answer me how the hell they get away with this ?.when the agencey charges $180 per hour the and most they get to keep$120.I know they have the right to ask any price they want but how the heck so much more
    just being an you really suopport this type big jump?.

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    In general indies charge more then in agency this subject was discussed many times and many Indies have provided their insight on the subject .
    The question you are asking is aiming one in particular ,so she is the only one that can answer the why ?The jump .
    I have seen indy SP's that are advertising on merb and on other sites as up to $500 first hour but by booking them for longer they where down to a way lower amount average per hours actually very close of most popular girls in agencies !



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    This is indeed a weird thing. Booking an indy gives you a better impression of the girl cause you talk directly to her, and can ask many things on phone/mail/text prior to a meeting. It happens often the indies take a huge gap from when they leave agency to indy status. My guess is to avoid problematic clients... Most people booking the 400$/h girls are mister money and usually old man that don't mind spending a lot. Random John #3 who is a trouble maker won't even bother going for a "high end indy". Thats the only reason i see honestly.

    Outside that, i don't think her service will change from agency to indy... but if she does her money well and have no problem booking clients... fine for her. Personally im a younger dude, i book mostly in agencies, i need a freaking good reason to go over 220$ the hour as base fees... cause yep i can't throw my money away. I also use the cheapest(yet decent) hotel i can because again, i don't feel wasting money over a room. As long as there is a bed, a shower , thats all good. But thats another thing highter priced indies do, they ask for 4 stars hotel. Once again a way to filter the random john #3... Thats disapointing sometimes cause i would book those indies if they where a bit more open minded, BUT no way im wasting 300$ on a room. If incall is an option, i may consider it if the lady is really really interesting, but not a fan of it at all, like to be in the confort of my hotel room.
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