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Thread: DC losing all their girls

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    DC losing all their girls

    Is the poor service documented on MERB starting to finally impact them? They are losing so many girls to other it the girls that are not treated right or is it the girls tired of having less busines...either way, it is odd to see many girls leave that agency.

    Maybe they should start thinking of changing certain I called a few times and I get this guy who seems to hate everyone on the planet (get another job) and other times calling in asking for so and so and they never know when the work. At least the girl that answers during the day is nice.

    Anyways...I have switch to XXXTASE or Classxx etc...better service all around.

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    I have always been on DC's side when people started BASHING them. Kevin is a good person. Allways taking care of his clients, but somehow I get the impression he's given up on DC Montreal... didn't start something in Toronto? Anyways, I know it's probably difficult to work with girls who do this type of work. They work when they feel like. Getting a fixed shedule must be impossible...... But then again..... Look at XXXTASE and ELEGANZA These guys are doing pretty good..... Go figure !

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    Lightbulb Ditching the label.

    DC does have a somewhat negative reputation for various reasons, not to say that everyone hates them as that is not the case. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they simply ditched the "DC" label and changed their name to something else thereby effectively giving themselves a "clean slate." They already have an alias in Platinum escorts which charges HDH prices so why bother with continuing DC when it seems to do nothing for them but create problems?

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    Within the past few weeks I used this agency. I had no problems. Also, they had no idea who I was when I called (I spoke to Patrick, who doesn't know me, as Kevin does). I did not request any discounts although Kevin had offered me one for a past bad experience.

    This was on a Monday night, and 3 girls were working, Katrina, Carmen and Savannah, a new girl. Since I had seen Katrina at the HDLM party in March, and knew that she was hot, I decided to go with her. Patrick told me she would be there in 15 minutes, and she arrived in 15 minutes. VERY pretty girl with an excellent body - and in particular, an exceptional ass. She is even better looking than what I remembered from the HDLM party. She is all safe service, which I knew going in. Her English is very good. Not GFE, but if you can accept safe service I would recommend her as she is very attractive IMHO. There is a prior very bad review of her on this Board which IMHO, the guy caught her on a bad night. Could be a YMMV thing. I would repeat with this Katrina. Way above average looks wise for an MDH. If her service was more liberal she could be the top girl at this agency.

    This was a much better experience than my last one with DC, although admittedly it was a very slow night when it is pretty hard to fuck things up. I don't know how things are on a busy night.

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    I never had problems when Kevin manned the phones.
    Kevin always made sure things where right, and knew who was working.
    I've been hearing from others how things are going bad, and some of the girls are looking at other places.

    Kind of sucks I think the girls at DC where hot.

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    I had a similar experience as EB's recently when i saw Savannah. As i mentionned in my review, only 3-4 girls seemed to be working on that particular Saturday night: Ashley, Cindy, Karina & Savannah herself. I spoke with Patrick and later found out that Randy still doesn't seem to be around these days. Contrary to the several DC girls i've met in the past, Savannah gave me the impression that she liked working for 'Kevin'.

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    It s always a pleasure dealing with Kevin but moreso Jessica . Nonetheless he should manage to put the right people at the right place concerning phone operators... it did happen to me to get that cranky guy, which is not to the reputation of DC.

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