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Thread: Has anyone ever gotten protatitis?

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    Has anyone ever gotten protatitis?

    I have been diagnosed with protatitis. Although it is a relatively common problem, sometimes it can be caused by untreated chlammydia or gonorrhea, 2 stds transmittable through ! And you can be infected with chlammydia or gonorrhea and have no symptoms until complications set in - like protatitis. Anyone go through this?

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    oh..what are your symptoms...
    maybe soime of us got the same thing.,....without knowing!!!

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    No, but it sounds freaking scarry. I don't know what to think, should we be checking your previous reviews/history?
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    2f2s, if you went to the doctor he should've told you whether you also have chlamydia or gonnorrhea. Everyone knows they don't usually have symptoms so you don't sound very credible..

    In case you are telling the truth good luck with your prostatitis!

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    For u own info, prostatitis can certainly be caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia as u said... but can also be due to many other non-sexual related from a urine infection...
    As carla said, If it is due to chlamydia or gonorrhea, then ur Dr should be able to tell u this quite easily...and if u had either of these STDs, generally, u would know it...

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    I have since found out that prostatitis sometimes being caused by untreated gonnorhea or chlamydia is still theoretical and has not yet been proven, although a lot of web sites bluntly put those 2 stds as a possible cause...
    I also learned through a lot of web searching (hours and hours...) that acquiring chlamydia and gonnorhea through is also unproven and has never been documented, although theoretically possible... So, as it stands today, i dont believe I got it through , but more probably through regular alcohol consumption (I love beer, have been drinking it since I was 16, and alcohol is a known prostatic irritant!). So the bad news is I am going to lay off the beer for a while, the good news is I can continue with the s! (to tell you the truth, I dont which one of the two would be harder to give up!)

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    sorry to disappoint u....

    2fast2man... I am sorry to tell u that, for sure, u did not get prostatitis from ur drinking habits... yeah, maybe alcohol is an irritant for the prostate... but it does not mean it causes clinically a prostatitis... it is an irritant for many many things when used at a certain concentration on the lab bench.... but this is different from the clinical no worries... however i have to tell u that although not common, clamydia and gonorrhea were documented to survive in saliva and be transmitted via body fluids (and therefore thru bj).
    It doesn;'t really matter because most probably, the person who gave it to u will or was symptomatic and was treated accordingly...

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