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Thread: Small things an SP can do to build repeat clienteles....

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    Small things an SP can do to build repeat clienteles....

    We know that being an SP is a tough job.

    However IMHO there are a couple of very small things that SPs can do, that show clients respect, and which in the end can make things nicer for both of you and are guaranteed to build you repeat business.

    1. Don't go for the cash until the appointment is over.

    Many girls who have worked the street or for disreputable firms take and count the money before starting. With reputable agencies that is not necessary. Just glance over and make sure it is there.

    2. Do your makeup and bathroom stuff before arriving.

    A client generally has only 50 minutes in his hour, the last 10 minutes being the girl's shower time.
    If you spend 15 minutes in the bathroom you are chewing up a third of his time. A girl has ten minutes of shower time at the end of the call to prepare for the next appointment. Most clients won't mind if you want to stay a couple of minutes extra to get your makeup just right.

    3. Turn off your cell. And no texting.

    I know all kids do this.... but its disrespectful.

    4. Stay the whole 50 minutes.

    You've blown the guy, he has sweated all over you and messed your hair up. If you have gone this far...why bother trying to slip into the shower 10 minutes early?

    Take the last couple of minutes to wash him up, rub his back or cuddle.Those louzy couple of minutes set the tone for the entire meeting. If you do them right, your client will dream about you and repeat with you and the agency until his Visa card is full.....

    5. Don't do anything that makes the client feel like you are a [email protected]

    The best part of GFE is imagining that you really are a girlfriend. So never discuss money with a client unless you absolutely have to. If, for example, you ask for a tip, he will never think of you again in any terms except as a prostitute. If you want more money just raise your hourly rate.

    6. Never go see a client that you are not comfortable with.

    You might be able to fake a good time for someone you don't care about. But you can't fake it with someone you dislike or are disgusted with. If you feel uncomfortable with a client, he will feel it. And if he is uncomfortable then you will feel even worse. A bad meeting has a way of staying in your memory for days and sometimes weeks. This is a hard hobby. Don't make it worse by putting yourself into situations that are best avoided.

    7. Smile on the way out.

    That is how we will remember you.

    8. Smile on the way in.

    Come to think of it, smile on the way in too. Your clients are probably more nervous than you - even if you are just 20 years old and he is in his 50s. While you have seen hundreds of clients, he has likely seen only one or two escorts. So smile when you say hi. That will get him relaxed, which is what he is there for.

    9. Sex is sex. After we fu%k a girl once, most of us are already thinking about the next girl.

    If you want us to come back, work on the small stuff. If you do that...then we will be hooked, and after that you can play us for the really big money.

    10. Show up. On time

    I know, if you are a young SP in her early 20s, who only works 10-15 hours a week you may have a lot of free time. So you might think that showing up a half hour late, or not at all, is no big deal... after all you can always reschedule, right? Wrong.

    Clients who have $300-$500 available to hire you for an hour, pay the room and the wine, are usually very busy guys, often with wives and jobs that they work at 50+ hours a week.

    If they make excuses to their wives, to take an evening off to see you, and you don't show, they are really stuck....because they may not get another free night for weeks.

    If a client can't rely on you, it means he can't rely on your agency either, which means that your coworkers will get burned too, and you guys will spend evenings at Tim Hortons, waiting for calls to come in.

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    Look behind you.
    With your #2 I do not mind a little time in the bathroom before the encounter, a nice wash down is nice ( outcall ), maybe she heard a real funny joke on the way over and peed a little.

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    1 - Remembering your name at the end of the session.

    2 - Lying or cuddling next to you naked afterwards with no rush to leave or get dressed.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    1) dont go for cash if cash is in visbel location. for outcall, if cash is in open and you can see it enough to count it wihtout touching it, let it be until apointment is over. for incall, if guy gives money or leaves money when taking shower, the money should be there when he comes out although you can verify it.

    2) after 1st sog, if there is still time left, make attempt for another sog without guy inisiating it as oposed to just lying in bed, getting dressed or shower, or texting on phone. getting another sog goes a long way imho.

    3) if only 2 sog allow in 1 hour, don't just leave after 2nd sog. spend entire time there, talking, relaxing, or massaging.

    4) try to be observent of the time without being active clock watcher. only set alarm at begining if you don't see a clock or you feel you cant ocasionally look at your cellphone/watch.

    5) if possibel, staying a few extra minutes goes a long way but this is not allways possibel.

    for me, for ladys that i will repeat with or ladys who i allready repeat with, they have all initiated or asked about 2nd sog normaly without me initiating anything. if i do initiate something, they dont act clueless and know what is hapening or what i want.

    6) for shower, incall girl's shower shoud be on girl's time or mutual shower. for outcall, ladys shower should be not more than 10 minutes before end of meeting.

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    Ask the client if he wants to shower with her....

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    Bon Thread, en effet ce qui me gosse le plus c'est le Cellulaire, soit de l'entendre sonner, que la fille regarde qui c'est ou texte... etc...

    Ensuite, j'aime bien rester apres un premier SOG allonge pres de la fille, et pas qu'elle commence a regarde l'heure, ou parte manger
    Si elle veut fideliser les clients, c'est d'etre plus chaleureuse, leur donner l'attention, et de respecter la duree du RV.
    Le sexe c'est comme les chips, quand tu commences tu ne peu plus arreter.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Moi aussi cela me ''gosse',je sais que la plupart des filles fonctionne par appel mais moi non alors je vais hijacker ce thread 2 minutes: svp si vous rencontrer une sp qui demande pas d'appel svp n'appeler pas? Cela me déconcentre et de toute façon je ne répondrai pas...merci?
    De retour a notre programme original...

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    Show up dressed like you are going on a date!
    Have a glass of wine with the customer prior to the start of the session.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeresJohnny View Post
    Don't ask for a tip at the end of the session. My way to show appreciation is that I book the girl(s) I really like as often as I can.
    I tip about 33% of the time. 20$ is my tip.

    Funny you said that. A girl from 100 Proof who was aready getting 400$/hour asked for a tip at the end of the session. I liked her but I thought 400$ was enough.
    I even had a girl 7 years ago ask for the money up front. I gave it to her. Next she asked for a tip. I told her that it was my understanding that tips historically come after the service. No tip for you.

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    For an Indy be on time and reliable.

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    Asking for a tip is totally unnaceptable. Clients will give one if they had a memorable encounter, if they can afford it... and if they feel like it. This should never, ever been asked by any SP. Tips should only be a nice little surprise at the end of the session. My rule is that to give a tip is i must had a great time, as in "thinking of repeating if i can" and usually, altough i made exeptions to that, no extra must be charged... If i pay an extra, thats what i consider a tip for the "little plus".

    In any case i am mostly agreeing with everything in the original post, good looks and friendly attitude is sometimes not enough to be on the repeat list. Personally i repeated only with girls that had something special, either a very good connection and feeling with, or there sexual skills where off the hook. Or mostly the combination of both. I had meeting with girls i tough where great looking, where also friendly too, but the sex part ... just ok. Nothing special, but not bad either. I don't repeat when its the case, cause yeah i think about the next hot girl that i will meet for the first time that is just as good looking and could be better in bed...

    As for the bathroom part at the beginning of the session, i prefer it, but it must be 5 mins max... And in most case girls usually take only 5 mins at the end too... So its not too bad. I just feel, especially in summer, that its important for the girl to refresh at the beginning, even if she got driven to your place. I really like it personally...

    And yes, please turn off your cell during the encounter. whats more annoying that always hearing a text sound coming out of it...

    Show up dressed like you are going on a date!
    Have a glass of wine with the customer prior to the start of the session.
    Not everybody drinks hungry, remember that. If she see 5 client a night, if she have a glass of wine with everyone, thats a lot of alchool... not good for the health, the weight too... and can easily make a person alchoolics. I respect girls that don't drink before a session. As for dressing, again i prefer the SP to arrive in casual cloathing. A tank top and pair of jeans goes off faster than some fancy cloathing... Maybe if you book 3H or something these can change a bit, im mostly talking about 1H meetings... But for the alchool part i especially insist, girls should never feel bad to refuse it...
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazda6 View Post
    For an Indy be on time and reliable.
    LOL! I laughed my ass off. I have had such bad luck with so many Indys!

    I have to say, though that last trip I met Miss Maria Star but she has help from Yves. Also I met Tiannas and I think the same of her. Their word is their bond.
    Also at GG5 I met several nice ladies that are independents that I would like to try.

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    Even if she sucks party boys will promote her!

    But in this line a work the more you suck the more repeat you have !
    Kiss like a princess
    Suck like a vacuum.



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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    Show up dressed like you are going on a date!
    Have a glass of wine with the customer prior to the start of the session.
    You mean sweat pants don't count.

    I am on the fence with this. I prefer gal to be dressed to the hilt - over the top - OH yeah, NO problem, I am paying.

    Some guys prefer gal dressed down. Doh, sure if I am going to a baseball game.

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    SP should never talk about their previous client while with their current one.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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