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Thread: A little help for my friends

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    A little help for my friends

    Have been to Montreal 6 times already this year and have learned some things the hard way. If I can provide some help to keep others from making the same mistakes, then I have accomplished something and people can feel free to help me further. Have tried FS clubs, way too fast, expensive, bad attitude and facilities, not really worth it, although at times I have been impressed on now pretty some girls are at, say, Bar Erotica or Le Gentlemen. Have tried searching on-line in depth, and looking at independents, because from Boston the agencies are want you want to stay from. But in Montreal it is the opposite. The independents in Montreal is where I have gotten taken to, answering service with no one to backup the business at all, bait-and-switch multiple times, fake pictures, scared to death when you open that door. I tried a few agencies, certainly not all because there are so many in Montreal. So much of this business in priced and run for outsiders who don't know. They charge anything and send anything! Conclusion, and I am sure their are more than the ones I mention. But, Eleganza, Satin Dreamz, and Celine's, which used to be the owner of Satin Dreamz too, are nicely run businesses which care about customer service and satisfaction and want your repeat business. This is my experince so far. I have wasted a lot of money and now it is running short. Only wish I knew then what I know now on how to spend that money on girls from these agencies. Damn, damn, damn!!! But, anyway, hope this helps others to spend their money wisely. It take a while to learn this stuff. But to work with John (Eleganza), Peter (Satin Dreamz), and Celine (Celine;s Fantasies), are the best way to go that I know of. And if you meet with an Annabelle, Carmen, or and Ai, you cannot be sorry. Thanks Montreal.

    Boston Friend

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    You seem indeed to have done your homeworks. Nice reviews of Annabelle (Eleganza) and Carmen (Satin Dreamz) on other threads you started. BTW, one thing which is helpful for others is trying not to start new review threads but adding to already existing ones. This way, when other members will search for reviews on a particular SP, they won't need to open dozen of different threads to do so.

    As far as your assessment of indies in Montreal, if you are refering to those appearing on without "certified authentic" pics or the so-called "Montreal Top Independent Escorts Directory", you'll find indeed lots of bait & switchers in these. But do a search and you'll find also several gorgeous, reliable and well-reviewed indies (generally more in the 200-250$/h range). If you prefer advance bookings, indies are generally the way to go. If you prefer to call and see who's available that night, stick to agencies.

    Lion Heart
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