I was looking at the sherbrooke ads and myself being from the region of sherbrooke, i noticed Gabriella's ads that mention she can do booking in sherbrooke, under certain circumstance. I think her demands are very reasonable and from what i understand, she does not tour, but rather offer a 3 days advice pre-booking possibility for a meeting in sherbrooke. 3H minimum. Now i do not know her personal rates. I just want to use this as "concept" for this thread.

So when i look at it myself, being from the region of sherbrooke, i got to spend usually 100$ on the hotel, around 100$ in transportation fees if i take the bus (sometimes i can be lucky and use co-voiturage for less) , this including subway in mtl if nessary and such.

Thats already 200$ (a regular hour with most agency girls) thrown in the wind. I know i could use incalls, i know, but most of the time i got to spend the night in Montreal anyway due to bus schedule to my small little village. Some nice friends do offer there couches for me to use, wich i thank them, but at the same time i mentioned many time i enjoy the luxuries of an outcall, and sleeping the night in a confortable bed

So my point, a booking for 1H in MTL would cost me around 400$ ... so basically if i would be willin to add another hour for a 2 hour meetings, it would be around 600$. So lets say a SP is willing to come to sherbrooke... for 3 hours/600$. I know indies usually charge more but i am being optimistic here... lol. From my point of view i could have a multi-sog meeting, 3H i can say at least 2 SOG, not having to waste 3H in the bus and such, bref remain in the confort of my house.

My main point of a booking at home tough would be to finally have a girl in my own bed... in my stuff, enjoy some possibilities i never been able to do, as silly as it may seem, like for exemple get a blowjob while playing Call of Duty online

For that i think it would be worth it to save $ and afford a 600 to 800$ ammount... if the girl i book is open mind and we have great chemistry.

Now on the escort point of view, do you consider its worth it to spend 3 hours to come here, take around 35 to 40$ of Gas... How much is a demand for a MTL indy? Does she have "slow days" where she would like to work but don't or have only 1H or 1.5H bookings? Could it be worth it to make the drive, of course taking into consideration she drive herself and it ain't a problem. All of this for 600-800$ ...

As you know, the escort scene in sherbrooke is horrible, and touring indies from what i heard receive treats from bikers or other groups, so the seem to stagnate on the mediocre level. Could this be a different aproach that an indy escort would consider lucrative?

I am just asking as because like i said, i have been caressing the fantasy of having an escort at home, in my bed since a long time. But i refuse to use, and do not trust, the cheap ass terrible sherbrooke agencies.