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    I think this is customary around internet message boards: hello everyone, I am new here

    It took a while to decide if I want to join and post on this board but finally I figured it is worth it. For two reasons. First there is a lot of misleading information that requires someone with my expertise (I am a doctor, yes an MD... neurology) to short out, second through the private message function of this web site I can ask and provide info about girls. Of course, the bottom like is for me to also contribute something. I hope I will. Nevertheless, it appears that most of us have experienced the same girls over and over again, so any information probably is a bit useless?

    Finally, I have been in this "hobby" for the past 25 years and only recently found out how the web has changed this little world we live in. I am an Ottawa resident, have been all my life. I don't practice the hobby in Ottawa, lots of victims, guys getting caught all the time by wives or the cops, so I head to Montreal once twice a month to blow off some steam and relax a bit.

    So here we are, I hope this is going to be a pleasant experience and of course I do hope I am welcomed.
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    Welcome. There probably is a need here to have a doctor in the any event I look forward to your participation here.

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    I'm sure your experience will speak for itself, be it on the medical side or the hobby side. Just join in the fun.

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    Thank you all. I like my new names. First TD then Taz. You folks are a creative bunch When the Expos were around I had a great excuse during the summer months. Last winter with the hockey lock out I had no excuse. Then summer comes along. No Expos! My agony continued up until the hockey season started again. She (da little wife!) hates sports, and as you can tell I love them! So far my trips have been one day only with a quick stop at the south shore or le chambis for a few hours. I hope to resume the overnights with some higher-end girls out there who don't do incalls and just hate visiting le chamblis. On with the show!!!

    (freewill... its not that easy to ID someone even if he is in a body bag and has his drivers lisense stuck in his mouth, still hard to tell who that guy is/was, believe me I know!!! so lets not get paranoid)
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    Welcome Taz

    I'm from Ottawa as well and glad Montreal is so close, The MERB community is so much more informative, more serious and honest than the Ottawa section of TERB where shilling and flaming seem to be quite popular.
    Regrettably I am not as frequent a visitor to Montreal as I would like to be, time & budget contraints. I do strongly recommend attending any parties that may happen. I was last in Montreal in March and was at the party. I had a great time, met some nice people and put a few faces to names. Montreal is so much more liberal in every sense of the word. I sometimes hope anglophone ladies were more inclined, but alas Ottawa is a stuffy, sleepy, government town.

    Happy travelling and welcome aboard !

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    Good to have you on Board

    From the dungeons or like we locals like to call it: Quebec City we salute you!
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