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Thread: I know it's early, but what's going on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day?

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    I know it's early, but what's going on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day?

    Thinking about a frozen New Year's adventure in Montreal in a few months. But where the holidays fall in the middle of the week this year, planning is a little tricky. Wednesday, New Years eve is easy. Some bars and strip clubs. An escort or massage before or after.

    New Year's day would not be any different for me than any other time I visit--I'll be hungover to one degree or another, will mope around until after lunch until I feel better, get something to eat and then start thinking about what/who to do the rest of the day and night

    But what are the options for New Year's Eve and Day? I'm guessing the agencies will be operating with a limited staff, at best. Massage parlors? Incall? If I were to stay over until Friday, I don't want NYD to be a complete waste. Or I could head up Tues. 30DEC and make NYD my travel day.

    Oh, and are hotel rates going to be though the roof?

    Suggestions? Advice? Shared experiences?

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    Never been to MTL at that time, but Quebec City is awesome in january for tourist. I think some agencies may be open with very limited avalaibilities, but honestly i find it sad that a girl would work on christmas or jour de l'an. Thats a time to be in familly with your loved ones. But yeah i know not everybody has that , thats the sad part to me.
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