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Thread: Octane or Price??

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    Octane or Price??

    I recently purchased a new car - it came with a full tank. It has been a month now and I have unfortunately not kept track of where I was filling up it was simply who had the cheapest prices, although up until the last fill up it has been with Regular Octane. I travel same time same distance each week, relatively same volume of traffic, and have found that I do not get the same mileage with each fill up. My point? Who is checking to see if the Octane levels are what they say they are? Talk about YMMV!!!!!!

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    Gas fill up has nothing to do with mileage it has to do with usage. You waste as much gas waiting for the red light as going at 30 km/hr. Plus, it's the acceleration that consumes gas, not constant speed. And going over 85 miles per hour, which is about 100 Km/hr consumes more gas. And lastly, each car has it's characteristics for gas usage, smaller car are better for city driving and light loads, while bigger cars bigger load but not good for heavy acceleration and speed cars are, just for that, speed and acceleration.
    The gas per mile/kilometer always has two indicators, one for city driving the other for highways. You can see the gap in between. Also, Consumer Report has warned that those numbers are innacurate.
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    Check you owners manual.

    In a new car, put only the octaine recommended. Most cars take the lowest grad gas. After maybe 4 or 5 years if you hear the engine ping, then you might want to go mid grade or higher octane gas. Sports cars and luxury cars take higher octane fuels.
    If you put injector cleaner in your gas 4 times a year, you will be extending the life of your engine. Regular oil changes is a good idea too.

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    100km/hr = 85mi/hr?
    I hope you don't own an "american" car with US gauges and drive it in Canada because gas price will be the least of your problems!
    60mi/hr is 97km/hr
    85mi/hr is 137km/hr

    As mentionned, fuel consumption vary alot depending on multiples conditions so, unless you can test under the same consitions of driving, temperature and all, it's hard to say what's normal or not.
    If you get 100km difference from one fill to the next, then it's safe to say there's a problem, if not, it might be normal.
    Any of you guys ever tried "ethanol" fuel in performance engine? Most today will accept it without warranty problems and the octane level is higher, without the higher price. I don't know how performance is affected.

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