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Thread: Ebola and the sex trade: will we ever see an impact in Canada?

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    Ebola and the sex trade: will we ever see an impact in Canada?

    Canada has yet to deal with its first ebola victim. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time. Considering the current ebola scare going around in the US, would such a scenario impact the local sex trade?

    Should sps and agencies screen the johns by asking them if they'd recently visited Africa or ask them if they recently came into contact with someone who as ebola?

    If such a scare were to happen in Canada, how would it impact the local sex trade financially?

    If you'd discover that an ebola case went through an eastern Canada airport & may have come into contact with some locals, would it prevent you from wanting to visit sex workers when in cities such as Montreal & Toronto?

    Should sex workers be currently more vigilant? Should they ask more questions than they already do? Should the chances of ebola ever making an appearance in Canada scare them and making them consider a career change?

    And more importantly, are the days of GFE-type of services approaching their end due to diseases such as ebola?

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    Are you telling it like it is?

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    Is this a joke post?

    Ebola is only transmissible while patients are symptomatic. Exposure in the US is now contained. Nigeria has already been declared ebola free. I could go on.

    You should be more concerned about swine or avian flu than ebola. The media has blown this way out of proportion.

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    Well there is Medical doc
    And there is the joke doc !!



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    Ebola has been overblown, if it was such a treat there would be outright traval ban to affected African countries.

    You are more likely to die from the flu than ebola.

    Please continue with your SPing ways.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Is it just my impression or are more sp's turning down black men during this ebola scare ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartnsexy View Post
    Is this a joke post?
    Yesterday I thought the idea of this thread was funny panicky overkill. It had to be a joke. What are you going to do? Close the agencies, make a bubble around Montreal, electrify the border, close the NHL, build the great wall of Canada just because of Ebola. I don't know about others but in the normal course of an encounter no agency or lady has ever asked me one question regarding a precaution about clients despite all the usual risks except..."shall I confirm?" I mean what are the agencies going to do if there was an Ebola case...demand medical proof from everyone when they've never asked a thing about anything else?


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