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Thread: Stalking The Agency Schedules

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    Stalking The Agency Schedules

    I have to admit that I constantly stalk the agency schedules even if I'm not palnning to get anyone.

    One of the reasons for this is that I don't like getting girls who work consecutive day as I feel that their enthusiasm and performance will be lacking.

    I just feel that an SP that works irregularly usually provide a better service.

    So I just stalk away taking note of girls that work too many days or long shifts leading up to the date when I actually decide to book a girl.
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    I did that ... personally it was mostly to get a feeling on wich day an SP was more likely to work, as an out of towner its important...

    At the same time, i liked seeing if there was new girls on the roster...

    I don't do it as often as i used to. Actually i always did that more when i was planning a trip than anythinge else.
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    i stalk shcedules wen agency doesnt have prebooking or weekly shcedule to try to see what day lady i want to see is most likly working.

    for example at xxxtase and in the pass asservisante. i am trying to see somone at xxxtase but b/c i like planing my meetings, it is difult to do with xxtase so i try to antisipate wen the lady is working. so far it isnt going well for this for me.

    i will also ocasionaly look at agency shcedule to see if i want to book somone on the weekend.

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