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Thread: Are you yourself in an encounter?

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    Are you yourself in an encounter?

    I normally almost never talk about my private life at work and when I am in a group. But one of my problems when I am with only one other person, is that I tend to be painfully honest when asked questions and tend to talk about my life. Some people I was courting in real life even said I say too much and doesn't leave anything to be found later lol

    So, when I am with a SP, I am decided to not talk about myself, if only for basic general things. Well, it doesn't work. I can't lie, so I say my real first name even though she clearly don't say hers (I at least don't tell my last name). Lots of people do that, so that's no biggie. But then she starts talking about generic things and I end up talking about the way I live, what I do for a living (not the actual place, but the job), why I am seeing SPs, why I am single, etc.

    Things she doesn't need to know and most probably don't care at all about. My goal isn't for her to fall in love with me (lol) or even liking me more. I guess I'm just honest and want them to see the real me even if it's for an hour. I know it's stupid and I tell myself not to do that, but I can't. Besides, it takes away time from the encounter since I am not talkative at all, unless I have something to say about a subject she's bringing up. Then I can't stop And I guess some of them DO like to hear those things, it makes their job pretty easy if there's almost no time left for the rest lol

    I guess I do like to have a connection with anybody I am intimate with. But in a 1 hour meeting with a SP, that might not be the brightest thing to do!

    So, how are YOU with an SP? Or if you are an SP, how are you with your clients?

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    Funny you should say that, I'm the same way. I will tell them my real name while texting them even, I'll even volunteer it "BTW my name is XXXX" LOL (I think I even forgot to mention my name to the last SP I was with because I still was a little nervous being new to this).

    I won't volunteer any personal information but if they ask me what I do or which area I live I will be truthful. I also feel the need to explain my wedding ring as well, my wife passed away 6 months ago and I still wear my ring, and I alway feel like I have to let them know that so they don't think I'm cheating on my wife. I know it sounds stupid and they probably don't even care if I'm married or not.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I am the same,I have many lives and without going into specifics my date will know a lot about me ,maybe not the whole biography the first date unless it is a multi hour date lolbut if you become a favorite sure ,I will show you my latest artwork on my phone app, in real if I happened to have my sketchbook with me.
    And yes I will want to know your life too,not where you work but what you do and I like knowing that you are married because I prefer married men and if you are a dog or a cat person ( I am a cat person,terribly allergic to dog)...
    I like to know what you do for a living ,again not the actual company name but the type of work because I have funny stories about so many things that I like to share but if you tell me you are a accountant when in truth you are a dentist my accountant story won't be as funny...same for your travels stories I'll share mine and we can laugh together at the time I got lost in the hotel in Vegas,,,

    Worst meeting i ever had was with this man who when we asked (it was a duo) where he was from because he looked foreign , we were taking a break and when I do not have sex I talk...loll,so he answered:from somewhere,hum,ok,what do you do?''business..'' ok we got it,most boring encounter connection and with no brain connection the body has no appeal to me...

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    I tend to go always the "honest" route as well, as i still meet a person for intimacy and share a close moment. I can't really stand this whole "secret society" feeling... Actually the more i know about the person, the better as it make me feel the encounter is more reel. Knowing more about her makes me feel her more as a person. Maybe honesty bring honesty, as often girls would be honest with me during our encounters, at least in the radius that they can be. It may sound stupid but knowing an SP real name to me is so much better than knowing her only by a random unreal name... Does it changed the sex part? No of course, but i feel more i shared intimacy with a person, and not "i banged a fictional character" if you get the feeling.

    Comme on dit en francais, ces peut-etre entre mes 2 oreils mais coudonc ces le feeling que j'ai.

    In any case on my side i have no reason to lie anyway... as i am single with no kids, no "risky" job or whatever. I can be myself and just enjoy the time...
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reboot View Post
    Things she doesn't need to know and most probably don't care at all about. My goal isn't for her to fall in love with me (lol) or even liking me more. I guess I'm just honest and want them to see the real me even if it's for an hour.

    So, how are YOU with an SP? Or if you are an SP, how are you with your clients?
    I'm extremely private about my personal life including almost never giving my real name even though it would be more useless for discovering anything as it is more common than nearly any other English language name. I may let the ladies know something vague about details but I am very direct about feelings, opinions, likes and dislikes, though to keep the atmosphere the most agreeable I never get into arguments or go near controversial issues with any lady. In return I never impose on anything about any details of her private life, though I love to listen to any opinions or views she would like to express. I think we should both do as much as we can to make the encounter as much of a pleasurable experience for both of us as possible, so I make every effort to avoid intruding on her life or exposing too much of my own.

    Besides, the most absurd and unfathomable thing I ever heard of in this industry is some clients attempt to use escorts to gather private information on other clients and I've heard from some who have been there it goes on during current GT parties too. Thus the wisdom of keeping things private.

    I'm with an escort to get as close to a beautiful fantasy with her as I can. I'd love knowing more her tastes and her as a person, but I don't allow that to interfere with the first goal. I don't plan it that way, it's just the way I handle it all.

    Happy endings,


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    Some booker stories if it fits the moment ,I do have a few !



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    Yeah after I tell her I am a used condom salesman and I dress up as a bat in the evenings and fight crime she then ups her hourly rate after our encounter. So from that I learn my lesson to keep my mouth shut and let her talk instead. That is if she doesn't stab me first before the main course arrives.

    So what does that tell ya about being yourself?!?! LOL.

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    I don't bother lying. I am not ashamed of who and what I am and I don't need to put on airs to get laid in such a situation so why bother.

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    i am myself for enconters. even for the gettogehters i am myself.

    i am taken abak wen some ladys i meet ask me for my name which i find unusual. wen entering, they would say "hi. i am jane. what is your name?". i will give my name since it is a comon enough name that it doesnt make a difrence. i doubt that they would remeber my name after i left. michelle from goodgirls ask me for my name and i saw her once so far and i dobt she will remeber my name if i see her again. the first time i saw julia from goodgirls she also ask me my name and i saw her many times but i dobt she would rember my name. some other ladys that i seen many times have never ask me my name.

    ladys will ask me what i do for living and i tell them. i will ask them the same thing if they ask me.

    some ladys get upset or some ladys will get ofended by quesions that they ask me and i ask them back. for exampel, once a lady ask me if i was marry or had a girlfrend. i told her i wasnt. i then ask her the same question and she tells me that she has a boyfreind and then pauses and then snaps back that he knows what she is doing and is fine with it. needless to say, i didnt repeet with her again not because of her having a bf but because of her snap/atitude but there were other reasons. she could hae answerd that she didnt had a boyfreind or did and i couldnt care less.

    wen a lady ask me wat i do for living and i tell the truft and i ask the same thing. i could care less if she lies since it is just conversasion and it is only for me to recup before the next sog otherwise we coud stare at one another for 10-20 minutes uncomfortabelly. if she lies for me, she should lie about something she knows about. if she tells me that she doesnt do anythig but shops, vacations, and works as a service provider. if the conversasion turns to the place she went to and i went to the same place and she doesnt seem to know anything about the place, it is weird uncomforabel.

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    Go to the 1:40 mark. This is me with a Montreal escort:

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    Hahaha! That is soooooooooooo you
    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    Go to the 1:40 mark. This is me with a Montreal escort:

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