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Thread: about C 36 need info please ASAP

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    about C 36 need info please ASAP

    1) C 36 in affect dec 6 through or false ??
    2) no more sites like annonce intime and so on ??
    need to know if I was taking for a ride or not ????
    thanks people, sunny

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    Yes, it will become effective on that date.

    The law will make it illegal for a customer to solicit sex or to pay for sex. Advertisements offering sex for money will also be illegal. The sex worker will not be charged as a participant in these crimes, unless she solicits for sex within a certain proximity to a facility such as a school or playground.

    That all having been said, get a grip. It will not be illegal for a customer to hire an escort for her time and companionship, nor will it be illegal for an advertisement to occur offering time and companionship. Commercial sex, advertisements, and life will likely go on the same as before, particularly with respect to outcall. More of the explicit sexual details will likely be hashed out behind closed doors during the session instead of beforehand through advertisements, emails, phone calls and texts.

    The concern and unknown is whether the federal government will try to coordinate an effort to charge escort services, advertising venues, and perhaps even review boards with promoting prostitution, and try to shut them down. Most find that doubtful, since it would violate the freedom of speech - especially if they are careful to offer time and companionship instead of blatant sexual services.

    Keep in mind that commercial sex flourishes in a tremendous number of countries in which it is illegal, including the United States and a country in Asia called Thailand. Time will tell whether c-36 is troublesome. My personal prediction, which means nothing, is that law enforcement will focus on street action and fixed-location incall establishments such as massage parlours. The exact same services and the exact same providers will continue to be available for outcall, but the escorts services and perhaps even the customers will need to be more quiet about it.

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    Agree ... but unfortunately that is like asking for the moon
    Quote Originally Posted by Patron View Post
    ... but the escorts services and perhaps even the customers will need to be more quiet about it.

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