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Thread: is bell throttling (except when it comes to ookla and ?

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    is bell throttling (except when it comes to ookla and ?

    Is bell throttleing you EXCEPT WHEN YOU CHECK YOUR SPEED ON and OOKLA .... hmmmmmm It seems when I checked my speed on a non Ookla /
    site(s) , I noticed a significant drop across multiple speed test sites !

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    Can't say about Montreal or Quebec, but in NB they don't appear to be. I have Fiber and any torrents I run usually cap out at around my max theoretical speed.

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    does utorrent, actually give you teh throughput , speed? What software are you using?

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    It is my understanding (in Quebec anyway) that they DO throttle during "peak hours"

    Exception being fibe 175 which I just got. It's Ftth, guess at that price point they'd better not be

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    When i read your post I checked on a non-ookla site late last night and my speed was half of what Speedtest was showing

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