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Thread: Do you prefer exotic women?

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    Do you prefer exotic women?

    As I said already in other threads, my goal is to meet women I would never have a chance with in real life. Which means slim and beautiful body and face, preferably with big boobs. But also, exotic women, whether they are ebony, latina or anything but pure quebecoise. I will not say no to a quebecoise that fits all my criteria, of course, but I really really like exotic women, especially ebony. Too bad there aren't a lot with reliable agencies, who also fit my tastes and are available at the time I like (night). Any suggestions are welcome, of course!

    So, do YOU prefer exotic women because you want to have something different? Or anybody will do as long as they are to your liking body/personality wise?

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    Anybody will do for me but I do like my exotic women, especially if they have an accent

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    I too like the exotics, like you pointed out... I have found some nice ones here:
    The very first one "Talia" looks very amazing and very exotic!

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    I most definitely prefer exotics especially the ones with an accent. My preferred ones being Blacks and Latinas but I like almost any Non-White girl if she looks good. I like coca-cola shaped girls - small tiny waist, wide hips, big booty, thick thighs, and small boobs.
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    I like all kind of women it depend of the mood I'm in. We have so many great looking girls in Québec but an exotic one from time to time to spice things un can be very fun too.

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    For some people quebecoise girls are considered exotic with their pale skin and straight hair.
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    Kinda like when you go out to eat, you pick a restaurant based on the food you are in the mood for that nite. But you probably have some base line standards. Meat, fish, veggies only, carbs, etc.. For me, similar with escorts. Fit body, positive personality, clean smelling, etc... Sometimes I ask for exotic, but most often it is confirming the basics and then see what the menu offers. Exotic could be an age range, height, skin color, or strong accent.

    The past month or so has been visits to a couple of carribiean restaurants, asian restaurants, Indian restaurants, French restaurants and lots so poutaine. No wonder my jaw hurts. The flavors are awesome.

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    I love women of all races, but I do definitely have an extra longing for women with smooth dark skin and nice curves mmmm
    They have a whole different confidence to them that is so hot...

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    Asian, White and Latina women

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    Like most people I like all kinds of women, but all of you guys seem to keep the definition of exotic very narrow to nationalities or race. Lifestyles, fashion preferences, tattoos, behavior modes, etc, come under the definition of exotic for me. Not that Madonna or Lady Gaga are my preferred examples, but just off the top of my head they would exemplify a more open use of the meaning of "Exotic" in their many unusual lifestyle choices that put them outside of social and cultural norms. It's not just ethnicity or race to me.




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    Well, Merlot, I started this thread talking about ethnicity because that is what I find exotic but your definition of it is of course totally acceptable. In my head I included those in the exotic category but I guess I should have been clearer because I don't know many mind readers :P

    Exotic for me means anything you are not used to and that differs from the norm. If I went to Japan or Nigeria, I am pretty sure I'd be exotic for a lot of people I should try that! lol So, heavily tattooed people and other outside norms people are definitely part of that definition. But I am not THAT attracted to that as much as other ethnicities. I would definitely not say no if the girl is really hot but it's not what attracts me to them.

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    Latina attack is for me the same type of craving that i can have for a BigMac attack or a Schwartz attack ... Once it is there, nothing can sweep it away !

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    Short answer, yes. Asians especially. Chinese, Korean, Thai among others. Can't resist them. Long jet black hair and asian facial features are a huge turn on for me.

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    Lily from Montreal
    There is nothing prettier than a black lady covered with oil illuminated only by candles...mmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    There is nothing prettier than a black lady covered with oil illuminated only by candles...mmm
    I think I just may to pass out.... LOL!

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