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Thread: Tax Receipt !

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    Tax Receipt !

    As 2014 closes, I was thinking, it would be great to get tax receipts from the agencies and Indys for my income tax coming up !
    Any creative accountants or brokers or the board for insight ???

    ( yes its wishful thinking !)

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    Why would you want to show any trace of your activities?? All to save a couple of bucks? Not worth it, trust me.

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    specially with the new law your basically saying hey im paying for sex service.... im agree with tigerwould, not worth and there is a lot of other way to save money with taxes

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    OMG …!!!!!
    its an obvious joke. I mean, honestly you are going to 'claim what on your income taxes ???

    Just thought it would generate some funny responses but forget it.
    I know its hard in emails, to texts ...or on board to pick up on humour but this one was just so out there I never thought for a second anyone one actually take it at face value.

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    Hire a SP to be your French/English translator or tutor... practice your language skills in the foreign tongue while fucking... but pay for the language proficiency improvement...

    Now the difficult part would be to get the girl to claim her income... but if you are US-based, she isn't subject to being audited by the IRS, is she???
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