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    Adult Friend Finder

    Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone has tried this site. I've read reviews online, I believe mostly written by people in the states. Stating that a lot of escortes are on it, fake profiles, etc. If you've used it please share your experience - positive or negative.


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    136 views with no replies? No one's used AFF?

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    All adult dating sites are scams. All the girls there are either staff from the site, or camgirls from distant countries trying to make a quick buck
    "I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."
    -- Steve Martin

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    I agree with neverbored. Google adultfriend finder reviews, or ashley madison reviews. They're all scams and ripoffs.

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    I have met women from seekingarrangement and plentyoffish so I can attest that at least some of their ads are legitimate.

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    Have you tried

    It's a great site in my opinion... If you are looking to pay.
    But NO escorts allowed Lmao! It's strictly for people looking for dates...
    Anything else that happens is between two consenting adults !!!

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    I did try even it is a scam there too...very sad still with all the advantage the internet is given us and to find not a REAL women...ohhh well...still very sad..
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    I tried Adult Friend Finder. I was as popular on this site as regular dating sites. No answer or no date. You have to be a sex-symbol if you want to meet on dating web sites, sexual or not.

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    Some of them mention it in their terms. Here's a little snippet from Adultswithbenefits.

    "User Experience. AWB employs mechanisms and technologies designed to enhance the overall experience of the website and encourage member interaction.." "...This includes the design of Digital Lovers (DL). AWB creates an enhanced experience for our subscribers, members, and/or users through our "DL" services. Acceptance of these terms, all subscribers, members, and/or users understand fully, agree to, and accept this service. These subscribers, members, and/or users agree that select profiles and Members brandished to them may be constructed to promote subscriber, member, and/or user participation and activity in all of the Services. The DL services include posting pictures, information, conversations with the subscriber, member, and/or user's profile. The enactment of our DL services is to encourage and create account development, increase the subscribers, members, and/or users experience, quality control and to ensure acquiescence to these Terms."

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    Trick picks are common on AfF have a fried that just tried it sometimes its even guys impersonating chicks ,many sad stories



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    Meetmarket adventure and meetup are way better sites to meet women. You pick the activites you like or interested in and go. The single parties tend to be the best. You mingle ,play games and meet new people.

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    Aff works better for couples in my experiences. The only dating site worth useing is tinder. And don't waste time with girls that wana talk and talk. Say hey what's up let's meet for a drink. If you both like what u see then plan a date

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    I tried HowAboutWe a few times. Most of the dates were plain and boring. There were a few that showed promise but nothing serious came out of them. There were intimacy in a few in the potentially promising ones but not intense and memorable. One of them I sort of already knew since I saw her at my gym on occasion and we both took the same boot camp and cardio kickboxing classes on weekends. Things kind of became uncomfortable since we didn't go further after the second date. Blah. Luckily my gym has many branches.

    Oh how I love this hobby at times.

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