...a moment, or several, of reflection for the tens of thousands of people dying, displaced, affected, saddened and terrorized by the various plights being inflicted on the planet at this very moment.

A moment of reflection for the parentless children struggling to survive, for women around the world, beaten, raped, tortured and otherwise defiled by heartless people.

Let me not forget the animals and vegetation being destroyed.

I'm sorry if this is too "bleeding heart". I don't usually get affected on a deep level. I mean they affect me, but life goes on, which it does regardless.

It's just that with all the dilemmas faced on this board... blond/brunette, Mp or Sp, what name to use, where to go, what to do, I thought I would inject a small dose of reality. I suppose I just want to remind us all (myself included) that it's not just about our little corner of the world... the planet is suffering and needs our help.

Of course, action speaks volumes, but we all do what we can.

Ok, back to our regular programming and thanks for listening.