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Thread: Can someone explain to me why...

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    Can someone explain to me why...

    When I see a price stipulated by an agency on their ads here, their VIP price is higher.
    What's the diff???
    What's included in the VIP??

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    From my experience the quality of the ladies will be superior amongst the 'VIP's.

    Imo it's a marketing stunt to extract more $ for the prettier ladies. That being said the service won't necessarly change between a VIP and non VIP.

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    i think it depnds on agencys and ladys. i see some ladys who are vip and same agency where i see non-vip lady and i sometime get beter service from non-vip. it is the addij you dont get something better by paying more. i buy a $100 dvd player and a $200 dvd player. the $200 dvd player is not 2x better than the $100 dvd player.

    if lady wants + per hour more then agency stadard rate they give to lady and her and agency get bookings for her, agency will up rate and call her vip from a non-vip lady. for ex: if agency gives $150/h to lady charges hobyist $200/h and lady wants $180/h. if agency and lady can get bookings they will label her vip and charge hobyist $230/h and call her vip so she can get $180/h instead of $150/h. it doesnt mean she does more than a non-vip at same agency or includes extras at the vip price.

    think of vip as just more money but not relly garantee that it is more beter than non-vip or that you might get included extras more at price.

    unless servie showed in vip description shows more included at price, it doesnt mean you get more included. even if decription shows more included, it is still ymmv and it could also be false avertising.

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    There is no difference, you just pay extra for VIP label.
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    If you have too much money than go the VIP rate. Seems to be the latest trick in in the North America hobby scene.

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    There's already a thread on this subject, per the link posted in the above post.

    Thread closed.

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